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While we're trying to regroup because we done we've quote unquote when out there directing for the sky and missed you nine and so because of the people that you can't be out here fucking up because you up hey you going to be broke and nobody's going to be able to help you get out of this whole dagger the truth is we are much to only having one shot it is like that's the sad part of all this shit is if it was just a mentality it would have been changed right now correct but circumstances don't really allow mentality to change the way that she said up yeah and a lot of boils down to generation the wealth because you know all that stuff right answer stemming oppression issues not just dry off the idea of if i do miss because i'm black in addition not having the resources i won't get the chances i won't have to the social connection to get the second chance you know what i order third chance with a fourth try a fifth chance i won't get the file bankruptcy hines trying legit my job trying to start my corporations this hit like that like that shit matters it matters a lot because the thing is and it is real but it breaks my heart whenever you talk about you know you have a high school why took that are high school graduates after high school you would know with your and i'm not knocking but you went no further which education you have the same rights as somebody that has multiple degrees like so i go to school like everybody tells everybody to get the degrees like everybody tell everybody because y'all have said to me that this degree go means something in this degrees go make me money this is what society has told people and the reality is it does make you a little bit more money but to be told it just brings you a little bit up ten atr society is constantly reminding us of.

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