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Policeman's where Salem waterfront hotel and suites break away and Rozario restaurant Hey guys welcome back to a food for thought I'm really having a lot of fun with this interview Brian Ruffin Ellie who was a long time event planner arguably the biggest in the country if not the world and I jokingly said you've done our TV diner galas in the past and now that I think of it those were amazing they were amazing of course and why were they amazing well because of well I because I went through the now Jenny Johnson and I went well mostly Jedi kind of does probably hates me for it but yeah we actually got to walk through the process with you and your staff from the get go you know we had to choose a date we had to choose a location once we had a location we get in touch with Brian you put us in touch with your staff obviously you were to take it into but yeah the events were amazing and people to this day still talk about them I like that how did it start for you hello I'm around here did you know I grew up in Rhode Island and ended up coming here after school and and something terrible happened in the eighties the aids crisis happened in the eighties and I lost friend way too young and went and volunteered at the aids action committee and there are two things I could do I could either become a body which was to go and serve other clients at home when they were dying or special events committee so I joined a special events and I that was a boot camp for me to learn how to do everything of your registration and welcome committee and design and decoration a walk ons and robots onsen yeah they had radio ads yeah it was my body that used to run it Larry Geller Kessler's yeah when I was in its house when he was dying and and spent three weeks there with his amazing parents in west we're missing family a really beautiful situation but at when at pass it is you know he said you need to come here and turn your grief into action come to the aids action committee and volunteer my that's what I did and they were so look like they're amazing fundraisers right I vent after Ventura Antonsen or nine more money life in some ways is the luckiest guy in the world right because I got to learn how to DO evento even tell people now young people I'm like if you wanna get me that business volunteer go for it volunteer nonprofit or a political campaign and you will learn how to organize and run events at light speed and that's what you're so it's the best training ground you cross we have all because you know I host a lot of events that's part of what I do for a living galas and fund raisers and everything else and that to me I'm always impressed because the event companies the event people so to speak I've always felt like they they've got to be the hardest working people in the world now it seems like a lot of work and it is a lot of work in it I mean the whole hospitality businesses I mean you know anybody in the restaurant business right tell biz I'm what you do that's why I got it has a D. V. business because I couldn't believe the Pasha the people in the food business at you have to love it but god and how many of us do you do a year so and now we both do the at sixty five to seventy five and two year but when I first started nine I was a contractor to do three or four events here think about that twenty three years ago and now we do sixty five in two cities satellite office and non Palm Beach in the winter and now I'm going all over the world I mean in my book you'll see I were in to loom or in the Hamptons or in Jackson Hole weren't as stumble in Paris London and Washington now when you say we're in this you have done events there reddit done events and I wasn't aware of your Palm Beach office and really where they'll go all so I follow them wait a minute me to my next question I think you have done events as a yes it clippings of the Mercer was got a couple of minutes what did you do there are a lot the red cross ball there I did the Dana Farber Cancer Institute gala there now were these events that were stage three by this was pre trial yeah I mean free president trump right exactly so my follow up is have you done events for president or melania trump I have not okay I have not and you know Dan is out of our little choice no no no no it's a you know certainly because I can call Brian thank you thank you for that look there is there's so many amazing talented party designers out there and it's their turn to whenever circle and I don't know why men who they're using I don't know actually are you don't even ask that's how success everything's coming out of the social office with the social secretary these are amazing woman yeah I actually work with that things got called design cuisine on of DC and they **** up was a good choice and so she's running everything over there and that we got about a minute and a half before break how do you go about choosing among your staff how many staff members do you have I fifty fifty and how do you go about choosing who works which events like who's gonna be the director on this particular I mean it's a great question it's it's sort of a perfect storm it's who's available who's worked really hard in is a marquee event comes in if they're the right fit for that because I have I have you know my folks work on everything because we do not profit we do private we do corporate and and everyone works on everything I'm I really want everyone to have a full portfolio so it's really kind of looking at all of that and deciding then of course chemistry personality the book which we're gonna spend the rest of the show talking about and where folks can get it and why you did it with the book towards men like for you some of the experiences is it the hardest thing you've ever done no actually it's not really I mean it's the hardest thing I've ever done in a short amount of time I can tell you that okay and you're currently still on the books or on you know you know in first and second quarter of next year we're going west coast we've done everything up and down these that I mentioned earlier in the show you're on the today show a lot we grab the lead time so we can all the day before new year's eve all the last minute new year's eve tips which is something else we're gonna talk about we're gonna take a break so on the other side just so you know we're going to take the book tort with Brian and is going to walk us through it and we've got all the tips you need with days from the holidays from Christmas until new years and that you're all nervous about entertaining accounts or whatever so we'll give you some last minute ideas that.

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