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Three WIBC. Alad? I'm Pam who sell Fox News. That's the ruling from a federal judge in Texas who says last year's tax cut Bill that eliminated the penalty for not having health coverage. Knock the constitutional foundation from under the Affordable Care Act while President Trump calls. The ruling great news for America. Supporters of ObamaCare are planning appeals Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer calls the judge's decision to strike down ObamaCare, an awful ruling based on faulty legal reasoning and says if it stands it'll be a disaster for tens of millions of American families taxes, Jack Callaghan the loss. It was filed by the Texas attorney general who joined forces with several other states from the budget office to the west wing, President Trump tapping, Mick Mulvaney, as his acting chief of staff, a senior administration officials cited Malvinas experience as a former member of congress and said the president picked him because they get along for his part Mulvaney tweeted. This is a tremendous honor. I look forward to working with the president and the entire team. It's going to be a great twenty nineteen. There is no timeline for how long will they will serve in this acting capacity. But a senior administration official said the president didn't wanna put him in that role permanently. At least not yet says Garrett Tanny in Washington Mulvaney will replace John Kelly who plans to depart at the end of the year as protesters take up positions along the Champs Elysee police in Paris are firing tear gas. Small scuffles breaking out between demonstrators and security forces as crowds try to push through. Police lines today marks the fifth straight weekend of anti-government demonstrations that started as a protest against fuel tax increases..

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