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You still had it in the back of your head. I have no doubt girly will end up on more practice report homes reports than you ever want and people will play roulette on sunday. The roulette on sunday honey will be do. I play daryl henderson. Do i play malcolm brown this week because girly is a little shaky. They took him out early last week. Do they not playing this week. That's going to be a lot of the question marks going around girl. I hearken back to the top ten tips and tricks episode. Where if i'm in the first round the way back to yesterday all the way back if i'm in the first round. I'm avoiding risk. The talent is there. The upside is there. I'm not saying he's a bad a bad pick but i am saying i'm not drafting him. I'm in my first round because i'm going to avoid risk. I'm just going to avoid the bus whoever i get if i avoid a bust look they're going to be good. Maybe they'll be <hes>. Outscored would buy girlie on the seat so for you will your if your your draft order pulls up in your alka. I'm in the back of the first round more more often than not. You're going to end up with todd wide receiver or you're gonna take. I would take alvin coke over todd gurley <hes> right now and i would i was saying you're in the first rounds shaking davin cook. There would not be optimal for a._d._p. The back of the noise i agree but really if you're at that turn if you're near there you're not gonna get alvin cook later so it's where or you have to take it so for me. I'm probably ending up. I mean we saw this in the ju- draft we we ended up to receivers the wide receivers that are falling to that area area in the draft you when you can get if hopkins falls are adams falls julio <hes> yeah i probably will take those guys over one of the running next. I was gonna say in a lot of drafts. D my drive into work determines whether i'm taking earlier cook if i had a real if i'm on the freeway and i had a quick stop behind somebody and got a little scary and i got a little risky. I cook that day when i don't have a smooth drive i go girly because i'm feeling a little bit risky when when does that feature going into the u._k. Is that good professional advisor. It's how was andy's drive today. The truth of the matters thumbs up route yeah yeah. We don't know how active girly will be. That's the true we don't know. I'm glad that he's running at a high miles per hour. It's much faster than i can go. <hes> let's go to deliver a pizza. Oh my goodness <hes> let's if he could use one of those like bikes on the on the field. Oh that'd be neat <hes> let's go and jump into another voicemail quest hailers. This is brian. Okay <hes> i'm in a dynasty. We've already done our draft and two q._b. I'm stuck stuck lamar jackson kirk cousins look kind of backup quarterback. Should i be picking up. Is it more like a tannehill or is it a deeper guy for young player. Thanks well good question question. I'm glad you brought up a two quarterback because that's where i feel like sam darnold going to shine for you this year when you talk about an emerging type of talent..

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