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Bahama islands CBS's Errol Barnett on the needs in Freeport as soon as we arrived invention through Freeport we saw people lined up for hours in hopes of getting Aisin Warner. we need to stop here on the ground in grand Bahama. all washing stuff leech like these are the things that that we need this is your first time seeing on yeah Brenda super Alan rode out the storm in Freeport and came back to her uprooted home to salvage what she could. nothing I could say really. not the same the storm is now bringing tropical storm force winds to parts of Massachusetts and Maine damaged homes on the Outer Banks in North Carolina hi counties Donnie shoe made on the rising surf a lot of people got panicked Marcia when I was going to stop hi I was going to get it did level loss after a few hours Ron says it's increasing its ability to enrich uranium in violation of the two thousand fifteen nuclear deal defense secretary mark asper spoke in Paris I'm not surprised that Iran has announced that it's going to violate the J. CPO a they have been violating it they had violated the nuclear nonproliferation treaty for many years so it's no surprise that the ad arranger gonna pursue with the reins of always intended to pursue the national transportation safety board is continuing its investigation into the scuba dive boat fire that killed thirty four people on Labor Day off the coast of southern California KCBS TV reporter Jeff when the NTSB says that a preliminary reports will be out for another two to five days the LA times reports the probe is looking into serious safety violations among the investigators concerns the lack of a roaming at night watchman who would wake up at the passengers in an emergency federal investigators who have spoken to surviving crew members are reportedly concerned about whether they've had adequate training the CDC is urging people to consider not using E. cigarette products as it investigates why some users are developing serious breeding Ellis says health officials have identified four hundred and fifty possible cases in thirty three states and five deaths the industry is pushing back CBS's Djamel Pook Emeric invading association said that the CDC was creating anti beeping hysteria and that adult smokers should not be scared off from using store bought nicotine vaping products to quit smoking now late today jul added that they appreciated the work of the CDC are confident they will get to the bottom of this this is CBS news. did you know you can listen to CBS news radio twenty four hours a day seven days a week on radio dot com or the radio dot com app. rich did you imagine back in grade school can I get a drum roll please it's time for the best deal of the year on Xfinity and ask about even more savings and you add Xfinity.

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La Times, CBS, Nicotine discussed on WBBM Programming

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