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If you're a ways user, I don't Apple music listener. Doing both at once got easier on Tuesday. The navigation app weighs announced on its blog this week that Apple music now works through its application. But the direct connection between the apps weighs as users can now access Apple music content directly from the ways audio player. It's kind of surprising that this took as long as it did. A piece on the announcement from tech crunch says ways intro that's audio player over a year ago. Since then it's added integrations with several audio partners, including audible, these are NPR, iHeartRadio, Pandora, YouTube music, and Amazon music, according to the report, even before the audio player weighs hand featured Spotify integration since 2017. Water under the bridge spelled milk, milk, under the bridge, I guess. Apple music integration is available now to activate the tech crunch says, open the ways app, tap the music note icon to select Apple music, start listening and drive safely. Those last two were mine. Though I'm sure tech crunch would also like you to drive safely. Another name of note is joining misses American pie deadline says Josh Lucas has signed on to the series. The show is about a woman from outside Palm Beach, high society trying to get into it. Kristen Wiig will star as that woman, Maxine, malukas will play her husband. Alison Jenny, Ricky Martin and Laura Dern are also in Dern also developed the series and will serve as one of its executive producers, no word on her premiere date for misses American pie. Apple TV plus has a new Spanish language crime drama on the way. The Cupertino streamer issued a press release Tuesday announcing Lhasa zulus based on true stories of Mexico's first female police force. According to the release, set in 1970 and inspired by true events, Los azules tells the story of four women who defy the ultra conservative norms of the time and join Mexico's first female police force only to discover that their squad is a publicity stunt to distract the media from a brutal serial killer. So of course, they go after the serial killer. Apple has ordered ten episodes of the series which will feature an entirely Hispanic cast and crew. The show is in pre-production in Mexico City, no word on when that'll hit. Apple TV plus. And finally today, pride is coming up, and as usual, the Apple watch team wants to deck your wrist for it. The Cupertino company issued a press release Tuesday announcing a couple of new faces and a couple of new bands in support of the global LGBTQ+ community and the quality movement. The two bands are sport loops, the sort of nylon woven ones that pride edition Nike sport loop features the colors of the rainbow on a black background while apple's pride edition sport loop has a lighter, whiter motif. What's particularly neat about that one gives a call back to Apple history..

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