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Thirty three years twenty of those years covering the New York Giants we had him on our show originally on his seminal sportsbook. What became one of the top sports books ever Lombardi and Landry? How to of pro football's greatest coaches launched their legends and change the game forever. We ought to Ernie's memory by again playing our interview with him. Lombardi landry. Give the New York Giants allow to get away. Coach to assistant coaches who went on to become two of the greatest head football coaches ever offensive coordinator by the name of Vince Lombardi and a defensive coordinator by the name of Tom Landry. The little known story of how to lie conic coaches launched their careers on the same team in change football forever. We look into legends and leadership today on this talk with Jim Campbell, Vince Lombardi and Tom Landry could not have had two more divergent styles. You have somehow they managed to coexist working for the New York Giants in the mid nineteen fifty under a head coach not much remembered to this day, but who possessed the brilliants to manage and get the most out of two future. Legendary hall of fame coaches, the amazing story of leadership development Morphing into legendary status are subject. This is the first time anyone is delve into this story. We're fortunate to have that sports writer with us. Now is Ernie palladino tells us about the greatest tandem of. Distant coaches in the history of sport. Welcome ernie. Thanks for joining us today. Thank you, Jim. This is a real privilege to be the the cool kids table. Well, we're we're honored to have you tell us it. Just sounds like a tremendous amount of fun to do this book. Where do you get the idea and tell us about how you put it together. I I tell everybody the ideas a product of failure it we came out of a failed proposal. I had done. I'd done a magazine article for maple street press that's kind of like a street and Smith's yearbook type thing for for that it's focused on the giants in this case. And I'd done a piece on. Famous defensive lieutenants of the giants starting from Tom Landry and going through ballot. Check the being the Perry. Fuel was coming in as the new defensive coordinator in two thousand and ten so which kind of based around that whole thing after I'd written this. I I looked at my notes, and I said. I wonder if there's a book here, I'd never written a book in my life. Thirty three years at the Westchester journal news, I was a beat writer, but but never written long form or anything like that. I said I wonder if there's a book here. So I wrote up a proposal, and my friend at the daily news Ralph Vaki ano- who had written a mayor you lie. Manning the making of a quarterback introduced me to is editor guy worst, the great Mark Weinstein. And he said he said send it to marquees. He's good guy. He'll give you a fair read on it. And a month later Mark got back to me and said, you know, you've got to books here. One is never ever sell because it deals with a lot of the giants losing years. Nobody wants to read that. But there's this whole Lombardi thing going on with the Broadway play in the and and the movies, and you know, the the SPN specials, and what have you he says if you can if you can do something about their internship with the giants their ship with the giants Lombardi and Landry, you might have a viable proposal here. So I took another month, and I did some research on Lombardi. Of course, having been around the giants all my life. I was born in Westchester grew up a fan in New York teams always knew Lombardi and Landry coached on the same on on the same staff together. But I didn't know much before didn't know much past that. So I did some research put another proposal together and skywards publishing bought it. And I started I started writing the book. So that's really that's really how it came about. I guess there's a life lesson in there that just because you know, you fail with one thing doesn't mean it can't be altered to to become it becomes successful in something else. And let me just say mentioned the book is Lombardia Landry. How to pro football's greatest coaches launched their legends and change the game forever earned. He's been a sports writer for nearly fifty years thirty three of them with the journal news in Westchester, New York, and he's.

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