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You know is there and there is some sort of game and you know there's a winner yeah so but you you weren't buying it have each has their mind changed at all on robbing akiva need a best friend 'em i i don't know how i feel like it's just gonna be bantering we'd be m a with the audience and i i feel like that also robbing akiva need a third we'll also be answering your audience though yeah a i just very similar very similar very similar allie allie is famously a die hard listener of the show alley what do you think you're not gonna like what i think is i actually don't think either of them are great for the live show yeah and i will come up with something better off but we we need to say is i told you this before i just worry that in a hundred and twenty person live show audience like when you're relying on people there till like really do the meat of the show it's like it's high risk and i'm a risk averse person would be the best show ever done in the history of the world you great listeners but i worry about that and then also like who cares i i agree with that kind of to it's like i dunno do i wanna listen to like ten people i can't see be interviewed about like oh you could see the video of this show alley yeah but she's been outlawed audio video paoli how dare you you gotta be there you're not gonna wanna watch it i robyn akiva need a podcast i listened to it first when it comes out i'm not watching the video okay all right so let's hear alleys idea mhm you're not gonna like it rob and i know he doesn't like it but i have to put it out there going i this is what i would wanna listen to it really better offer a podcast but i think it could it could work in the live show i don't know how exciting it would be pretty audience who may be i wanna be regular we'll robin akiva have hey tony laco style sleep over robyn came sleep over a slumber party end there are several games you guys could play that are traditional sleep over a games and it would incorporate a couple of or at least one idea that you said like isn't it's on podcast you could play hotseat which incorporates the questions that people want you'd ask each other like rob nikki that first date you could play truth or dare you could play where you like you could write the listeners you could prank a survivor just sleep in a key his hotel room in chester in one and then just record this live a real yeah you play would you rather never have i ever and it could work live 'cause people could come with those prepared ahead and ask you guys the would you rather is never have ever treated her whatever 'em or you could not work live and you guys could do it i think it would be a pretty relatively low last no preparation rarely somebody could do all these games enda i think it'd be good i like the podcast and are pajama yeah it'd be weird like we have to wear pajamas this show and they have like a nightcap bag why nightcap what is doing is packets of the eighteen hundreds yeah i think i think it'd be where the costume aaron rodgers showing up to like a summer you know summer one of them you know one of my cats have asleep over is just the name.

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