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Dead. Hostage. The newest podcast from par cast tells electrifying crime stories, culminating in intense life or death negotiations don't wait subscribe to hostage. Now wherever you listen to podcasts. Now back to the story. Where is the peacock throne, the Royal seat of power of them gall empire which ruled northern India from fifteen twenty six to the mid nineteenth century. The peacock throne has been missing since seventeen thirty nine when the Mughal empire was invaded by the Persian empire led by Nadu Shah it wasn't the first time. The two empires were in conflict from sixteen twenty two to sixteen twenty three the Mughal and Persian empires fought over the fortress city of Kandahar in Afghanistan. The Persians proved Victoria's the two empires board again from sixteen forty nine to sixteen fifty three once again over the city of Kandahar the Persians one again by seventeen thirty six Nadir's Shah a brilliant soldier in general was now the ruler of the Persian empire. He was leading his Persian forces in an intense war camp. Pain against Afghan forces. Once again, the conflict was being waged over Kandahar during this time, the Mughal empire was being led by Mohammad Shah great, great grandson of former emperor Shah Jehan who built the glorious peacock throne over the past three decades. The Mughal empire had been considerably weakened the Mughal military had been decimated by routine wars of succession between generations of the Royal family parts of the Mughal empire had been captured by invading forces of the Maratha empire and neighboring Indian empire. Also, Mughal nobles were able to assert independence founding smaller states within the empire. The new Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah was enabled to stop the slow disintegration of his empire in seventeen thirty eight nerdier Shah sent to embassador to Delhi to request that Mohammed Shah prevent any. Afghans from taking refuge in Mughal territories. This seems like a strange requests to an empire that was not one of nuttier Shah's allies. It's possible Nadu Shah was trying to start an alliance between the two empires. It's also possible that he was setting Muhammed Shah up looking for an excuse to start a war with the wealthy, but weakened McGowan empire regardless of deer Shah's intentions, Muhammad Shah agreed to the request to not grant Afghans refuge in any Mughal territories. But he didn't keep his promise when dear Shah learned of Muhammad Shah's actions. He decided to send a third ambassador Muhamed Khan, but much to new shows chagrin he never received a reply, nor did con- ever return at Delhi Muhammad Shah and his Royal ministers cap con from returning mulling, their options while waiting on the outcome of new Shah siege against the Afghans. Kandahar their response to a dear Sean depended largely on whether his siege succeeded or failed nuttier Shah an expert in Warren conquest did not fail. He eventually conquered the Afghans at Kandahar in a decisive victory annoyed by Mohammad Shah's, lack of reply and likely yearning for his next conquest. Nadeesha March towards the Mughal cities of Ghazni and Kabul slaughtering any Afghans. He saw that had been given refuge in the Mughal territories by seventeen thirty. Nine Nadu Shah had captured the Mughal cities of Ghazni and Kabul facing virtually no resistance due to the Mogole empires weakened state. He experienced the same lack of position as he crossed the Indus river at talk eventually occupying the Moghal city of Lahore. Back at Delhi. There were hurried preparations being made to defend the great city. But Muhammad, Sean is faction. Ridden noble ministers could not agree on a strategy ultimately in seventeen thirty. Nine Muhammed shy and his Mughal forces met Nadeem Shaw's host on the battlefield at karnal. Nadir's Shaw ended the day victorious defeating them galls in what is now known as the battle of Colonel. Deer shot took Muhammad shop prisoner. After the battle. It is rumored that the Mughal emperor was treated with the utmost respect, civility and equality while being held captive Nadu Shaw and his Persian forces marched south to Delhi his Royal prisoner in tow behind closed doors in the Red Fort Delhi near shop promised to reinstate Muhammed Shah as the Mughal emperor and inex- change for his reinstatement as the Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah bestowed upon the deer Shaw, many of the priceless treasures held inside the palace, including. The peacock throne. There's an interesting rumor regarding one of the prized pieces of the peacock throne. The one hundred eighty six carat bobbers diamond. The rumor goes that sometime during these closed door negotiations Nadu Shah was tipped off that Mohammed Shah was being deceptive. He believed that Mohammed Shah was hiding bobbers diamond in his turban to weed out any deceit. Dear Shah invited Muhammed Shah to a customary turban exchange ceremony after the exchange dear Shah searched, Muhammad, Shah's turban, finding something concealed in the layers. None other than bubbles. Diamond Nadir's Shaw couldn't believe his eyes. He exclaimed Kohinoor which translates to mountain of light. It's here according to the rumor that bobbers diamond received its new namesake, the Kohinoor diamond. This effort to deceive a deer Shah is reminiscent of Schaja. Hons rumored withholding of two diamond panels from his son are exam. The similarities in these two actions shows how possessive the Moghal Royal family was of its fabled peacock throne. Dear Shaw and Mohammad Shah exchange titles and treasures inside the Red Fort outside. A rumor was causing discord between the citizens of Delhi and the Persian forces. The rumor was that Nadeem Shah was dead. This caused a riot among loyal resistance warriors of Delhi who believed the Persian forces weakened without their leader. They attacked the Persian forces, killing thousands upon hearing about the rumor and the riot dear Shah ordered a massacre of the city. Nearly one hundred thousand citizens of Delhi were slaughtered and parts of the city were set on fire. Nadu shy and his Persian forces were camped at Delhi in seventeen thirty nine for a total of fifty nine days upon his departure, dear Shah officially reinstated Mohammad Shah as Mughal emperor personally, placing the crown on his head despite the Moghal rioting and the killing of thousands of Persians Nadeesha of filled his promise to Muhammed Shah perhaps because an idea Shaw was satisfied. He'd gotten everything. He wanted a victorious campaign unimaginable amounts of treasure and thrown fit for God. Muhammed Shah regained his crown, but he was the last Mughal emperor to ever sit upon the original peacock throne in seventeen thirty nine dear Shaw and his Persian forces left Delhi and marched back to Persia with plunder of Mughal treasure, including the peacock throne, a few years later sky. Punish travel writer. James Bailey Frazier estimated that nuttier shos hall of Mughal treasure amounted to seven hundred million rupees which acquaints to over ten million dollars today. And he certainly wanted his loot to be on full display according to a duel Kareem who accompanied net dear Shah on his journey back to Persia, quote the outside of new dear Shah's tent was covered with fine. Scarlet broadcloth upon which representations of all the birds and beasts in the creation with trees and flowers. The whole made of pearls diamonds. Rubies emeralds amethyst, and other precious stones on both sides of the peacock throne was a screen upon which were the figures of two angels in precious stones and quote. Before an dear Shaw returned to Persia. It's rumored that he had a facsimile of the peacock throne constructed to divert hopeful thieves from pilfering the real thrown. Here's where the original peacock thrones location and authenticity comes into question. There's no way to ensure the throne Kareem saw was the original instead of the recreation. But it seems likely that a man like Nydia Shah would have had his greatest war prize on display for all to see assuming Kareem saw the real thrown as part of the tent display in seventeen thirty nine. He may have been the last recorded eyewitness to see the original peacock throne, because soon after new deer Shaw returned to Persia, the precious thrown vanished. After this break, we'll continue our search for the peacock throne. And now back to the story.

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