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Charge vehicle homicide. Nothing. Exactly what that driver carrying lumber may have done wrong. This is Fox News. Now, here's your storm team. Ten forecast, you'll need the rain gear on Friday, scattered showers continue through the afternoon and evening hours. The steadiest arrive overnight we still have some lingering showers around for Saturday morning but tomorrow. Zero afternoon. Partly cloudy skies will approach the low sixties for our highs mainly dry on Sunday. Hit or miss showers are going to finish up. Our weekend will say jive at the beginning of next week near fifty nine degrees on Monday. I'm storm team ten meteorologist Zac green on NewsRadio nine twenty four seven FM. This report is brought to you by truecar. He's radio nine twenty four seven FM. Traffic maintenance will slow you down in both directions on route ninety five between Alton road and route one thirty eight ninety five north is slow between Thurbers Avenue, one ninety five as the lane shift to the left for replacement of the Oxford Street bridge. I'm Jacky Murphy on NewsRadio nine twenty and one four seven FM. Looking to buy a car online shopping can be confusing not anymore, which we price from truecar. Now, you can know the exact price you'll pay for the car you want and see what other people people too when you ready to buy a new or used car, visit truecar to enjoy a more confident car buying experience. Three reasons ethos life insurance is great for you and your family one. It's affordable. You can get hundreds of thousands of dollars in coverage for less than you spend and coffees each month to our online application couldn't be easier. It takes just ten minutes to complete three with ethos. You're protecting your family's financial future. So you can rest easy to receive your free quote incomplete. Your application in minutes. Visit ethos life dot com. E T H O S life dot com ethos insure your life. It's never been easier. Newsradio nine twenty and one four seven FM. The following is a paid advertisement.

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