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Let's give big draw to welcome forty fourth president of the United States. I love that. That's toronto. You didn't see a reception like that across the pond for President Trump, nothing like that. But you know what with Donald Trump? This is really not terribly unusual. Apparently this disdain this dislike that people would actually be motivated to take to the streets in order to protest his being there. There are people, I know who have traveled in Europe, and they say that, it's, it's pretty universal that all the people, I know, said, essentially the same thing that when they travel in Europe, people are very kind to them, as Americans that there's, there's no hatred. There's no ill will towards them as Americans, but they do have attitudes toward Donald Trump. Some of them are sort of apologetic, they feel sympathy for the Americans. I'm so sorry. You have to suffer this man. There are other people who are in congress. They can't believe how this happened how in how in the world. How did this happen? Some of them are actually angry. Why is he still there? Why are you allowing him to stay there? I haven't traveled anywhere, but Santa Cruz in recent memory. But what about you? I mean, what do you think is the perception of people living in countries that and I'm talking about our allies? The people in the countries that are allied to the United States of America. Wouldn't you think their perception is to Donald Trump, Donald John Trump? Do you think that they have a positive reaction to Donald Trump? Do you think that their approval ratings are high when it comes to this president of the United States? I mean all nations, try to work with the United States. There's no question about that. Whoever it is, who replaces Theresa May as the prime minister is also going to work very hard with Donald Trump all European nations. Do I don't think all of them have very high regard for this president? But it is essential that these allied nations are able to work with the president. Of the United States because the United States is just that powerful and he being the president of the United States is the most powerful person in the world. So they have to work, but there's no such restriction on the people who live there. The people who live there voice their opinions. So what about you? Have you traveled anywhere? Do you know people who live in other countries? What do they tell you? What do they tell you about Donald Trump? Is there universal hatred by and large? Have you personally witnessed it or friends or family members living abroad, maybe who have commented to you? What is the attitude of the people of the rest of the world, the rest of the free world, and maybe a big question too is? Do you care? What does it mean if it's true, if the attitudes that we're seeing reflected in the Brits, who are protesting? Now, if that is reflective of the attitude of Europeans by in large. What? Does that mean what does it mean that the attitude of the people would be so hostile to the president of the United States? I mean, does it matter as long as the leaders of those countries make our leader, feel welcome that the people don't like him, eight ten and why do you think the people don't like him? I mean you have any insight into that. What do they say to you? Eight ten is the telephone number eight oh. Eight eight ten. Let's go to Steve. He's calling from Los Gallos. Hey, steve. Welcome to. K GO. I'm here with my usual. Help couldn't help a chuckle because when they did the approval ratings or sorry, Trump right now is higher than Obama was at the same time back here. But I'm thinking about England though Brexit now and you never really talked a lot about Brexit. There's a lot of people. Out of the European Union, and apparently they are more favorable towards Trump because they see here's a leader trying to do what he said he was going to do. Well, we know she didn't. And she's on her way out. So I think he might want to revise some of your thoughts on this. When you say, how do they perceive us, as well as over here, we perceive, on not quite as high as you were sort of you're getting carried away there. I thought. Right now. People are very favorable to Barack Obama, especially in comparison to the president, who's currently in the White House. But according to. To the polls in Great Britain, Barack, excuse me. Donald Trump has an approval rating in Great Britain of twenty one percent, the approval rating in Great Britain of Brock Obama was seventy two percent. But in our country. Trump as a higher rating right now than Obama did at this time of his presidency that may be. But you know what the that's not what we're talking about. We're talking about the perception in other countries, and I'm not entirely sure that what you said is correct about Barack Obama's approval ratings at this point in his presidency. I'm happy to look into that. And I will look into that. I'll do that during the next break, and I will report back the, the truth of the matter, which is also a sounding to me that Donald Trump's approval ratings in this country, remain at the level that they do it seems as, if he hovers from thirty eight to forty two percent. He can't get much higher and he doesn't go lower, and I have no idea why it isn't closer to twenty percent as it is in. Great britain. Thank you, Steve, eighty tennis. The telephone number eighty eight ten. Let's go to Seuss's in San Jose, sue. Hi, welcome to GO. Hi there. Yeah. I just wanna point out, I was in Australia. Back in March of two thousand seventeen and in on I was in melborn and walking down the street and they actually were having these raids, you're with people holding banners all the way across the street and yelling and screaming and protesting doesn't. Want? And it was unbelievable. I mean, the amount to any of those people. On. Interesting when people knew I was from the US, people would ask me what do you think about Trump, so people around the world that new work that was from the US were asking what we thought you know what we thought of President Trump? Right. Right. See protests in the street. And now board was just unbelievable his shock. You know, I'll tell you I've known people as a matter of fact, my producer Caroline, she when she was traveling to Ireland. She told people that she was from California, she never said that she was from the United States, and she did that in part because of the reaction. She would get from people about Donald Trump, when she said said the United States and you know, it's gotta be upsetting. It has to not feel good. When you're traveling abroad to have people in other countries disparaging the president of the United States. I mean, I can't stand the guy but it still has to be kind of upsetting to know that, that is such a such a pattern of disapproval in other countries. Sue, thank you. I appreciate that. Let's go to Robby. Rhonda's calling from Saint Alena. Hey, Rodney, welcome to. K. G O. Hi,.

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