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People is a show about women's lives told in women's voices there's such an exciting range of topics from is it possible to be ambitious unhappy personal stories of pubic grooming gone awry and growing growing up with tony morrison that's the cut on tuesdays follow and listen for free on spotify or wherever you get your podcast hi sam i've been i'm very well mopping back all manner of i'm su- i'm kind of high on citrus right now is about to ask you like floating in space right now i'm a whole limit right now i'm eleven floating on a com see how about you how are you i'm pretty good this is going to be a very busy week for for me but you know what we isn't so up to the challenge i'm gonna have to be i'm going to have to be but i'm good i'm good i'm here and alive and you know and this is a magical studio yes i'm so glad that we're back in the studio today where we get into lest out loud and think about why we fancy hui fancy eloquent eloquent professor book thank you i tried this week is very exciting because we have someone who i think a lot of people would be surprised how much work he has in the tank like he's very he stays busy staying yeah he's got several television shows under his belt several movies independent and like big box office jams like he's he's got quite a wide light rain exactly who are we talking about this week we are talking about the magnificent nosed jake johnson addressed awesome i love his nose he looks grumpy turtle i loved i wanna fold him put him inside my little pocket he's isn't great he's so grumpy so grumpy but like the best kind of grown via he's like a bed while he is from chicago cog oh we'll make sure to tell us in every role that he's every single role he's got hey don't get it twisted thanks so we know that we get it it no i'm away i'm away femme yeah there's a specific type of midwestern grumpiness that's both caring but also you know a little lazy a little bit lazy but you know very relaxed relaxed yes it is a bit of a relaxed attitudes yes rules on life in general yeah i have to say i'm a cliche because i love that shit yeah yeah yeah take me away from my fucking rigid rules mine yeah i something about jake johnson that i think is very appealing and that he's you know we spoke in a low on the show oh about people who play the every man this idea if he could be anybody and i guess the female equivalent is sort of the goal next door and jake is not quite the boy next door right but he he feels very known he feels kind of normal like he's regular yeah he is the grandpa in the boy next next door's body i guess because he's you know he's a little grouchy are the characters that he plays sometimes they're a little grouchy yeah a little impatient but you know he doesn't want to deal with too much full inch foolishness but also he wants to be a part of some foolishness yeah he understands he's a part of modern life but he doesn't like all of the trappings of modern life and i feel like that is something that i find very relatable some kind of like yeah i want XYZ supervised put also can we just slow it down yeah yeah so i respect that i appreciate it and like you said he's kind of called a little road a very specific character he arguably they could could be kind of trippy yeah and yet he i think rises above trope level because he has genuine hearts i think he plays characters that feel real so even when they're doing stuff that could be quite cliche right that's a skill and we're going to talk about all of that in just a moment hi this is nicole and i'm one of the host of first aid kit if you've ever wanted to start your own podcast you might think you need all kinds of equipment to set it up turns out all you need is anchor anchor is an all in one free tool from spotify that lets you create your own podcast and.

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