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Jane joins us Now It's happy Doc Prescott today. Jane, How are you going to celebrate? You know, waking up early because you never know is the Cowboys typically say their door's always open for deals, but I can confirm that they have not had any talks or negotiations with Todd, France. DAX agent So I think we're what less than a little less than six hours. Now tell this deadline three PM here Central time. It does look like we're moving towards the franchise tag on this one. If we looked at the offer with the Cowboys, is this a fair offer? Or is it? You know? How's it viewed? League wise, I guess. Depends on who you ask Dan. Now, the Cowboys considered a fair offer. If you look at the numbers, they're looking at anywhere between just about 33 $35 million then the guarantee is closer to Jared Goff. So it's over 100 million. It's probably right around that $110 million number and then, as for total guarantee one soul it's the guarantees. About 85 lessons are rolling guarantee something that they do these days. But then it's all guaranteed so If you look at the money, it's of course not bad for a guy who's been paid less than five million to play for the Cowboys. He was at fourth round pick, I was remind people behind Jamil showers and of course Tony Roma when Tony Roma went down But he feels that he could get the 31 point for this year next year. If they franchise telling him again. He gets 37 million. And then of course when they're looking at that third year, which is really the sticking point for them both in this contract and then the contract after a second franchise tag. That's when they're expecting the gambling revenue to go up the TV contracts to spike and that's when when DAX agent really wants to cash in for his client. And I wondered this, and I wanted to ask you the question. Can you see maybe a situation where Dak moves on from the Cowboys. I don't think it's got to that point yet, Dan. I mean, I just keep going back to when he was a rookie the way that he galvanized that locker room. This was Tony Romo's city. This was his team. It was his franchise. Not only when he came back was he not allowed to compete for the job. It practically forced Tony into retirement. Of course, he's seen a lot of success now in the broadcasting booth, which I do have to apologize. Remember saying on your show he was going to struggle in the booth, and he's not, And he got mad and suddenly so we've all Eat crow when we have a bad take. That was a terrible take me a couple of years. I don't even remember it, Jane, but thank you for bringing that up. I like to keep myself honest here, Dan. But Zach is done such a good job both on and off the field, and I know people have gotten to Jack and they tried to encourage him that look, you take this deal because you don't know what the economy is gonna look like Also, I should bring up. I was talking a couple of agents cause I was pulling them. In other words, What would you do, and they're sort of ask. Split is the fan bases on this? But one agent reminded me of Anthony Spencer's deal. He was franchise tags. When he was a young linemen. They thought that he was gonna have a lot of success the last year, so they rolled the dice. He didn't play as well, and they didn't have a great year. In fact, the Cowboys weren't gonna franchise tag him. They ended up talking again. He injured himself in the third game and then looking back in hindsight, probably wish that he had had the security of a longer term deal, Doc. It's just always been a guy that is banked on himself. He's been pretty durable. He's played 64 regular season games. He's gotten into three playoffs. He's won one. It's a guy that from high school to college to even the league has always been himself always talk about his history, which is interesting. He's always replace the starter because of injury and never given the job back. And then everyone always asked me was just going to be a distraction. We'll certainly wasn't instruction last season, and that's the guy that's played through his mother being sick. He played with Tony Romo breeding over his shoulder and won the job, and the Cowboys didn't look back since he doesn't amazing job of compartmentalizing, but what he's doing here is he's banking on himself and trying to get Not sell you. Is she a great quarterback? You know, if you ask his teammates, they'll tell you He's a great quarterback, and I think there's a lot of things that come with me a great quarterback. Are you a true leader? Do you galvanize the locker room and in terms of the intangibles they brought in Jon Kitna last year? Of course, he's not here this year with the staff. They, of course, brought in Ah, holding coaching staff, but he really hasn't had a chance to familiarize himself with because it coded and virtual OJ's in the hold out, But I've been told within that building might McCarthy from what he saw his rookie season when he came up there, and he beat the Packers, which I would argue, was one of the one things that was sort of in Jerry's cross face when he was trying to side Roma or Jack. It was the way you went up there. He led that team to victory Might. McCarthy remembers that he's mentioned that I've been told that he thinks that he could do great things with Doc Prescott that this is the guy that you want..

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