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You know, all this time spent reading is is is keeping kids from what is it going outside playing fresh air and using their magic nation. Well, you know, I guess it's maybe it's baby the cavemen. Maybe the caveman said son, stop painting on the walls get outside and find some meat. I don't know. The quote Rene Directa, she's a security researcher on the board of the center for humane tech. She says this is another option she won't allow passive screen time. Just sitting watching TV or. Playing game will allow short amount of time on challenging game. She has a two year old and a four year old now, wait a minute two year old. She wants them to learn how to write computer code. So she embraces their awareness of gadgets playing a building game. I guess like Minecraft is allowed watching a YouTube video is not unless it is as a family. Frank Barbieri who's a San Francisco based executive at the start up pebble post, which by the way. Is a direct mail advertising firm that watches what you do online and sends advertising based on that. He says he limits. His five year old daughter screen time to stuff in talian. Well, let's you know, let's go to the kid. Learn italian. RBI said this is again, the New York Times article, we have friends who are screened abolitionists, and we have friends who are screened liberalists. Now, we have terms for. He's read studies on how learning a second language at a young age is good for developing mine, so makes his daughter watch Italian language, movies and TV show. You know, that's to me. That's like, it's okay. She's learning talion. What do you think? I I am. So glad that my kids are old enough. Now, I don't have to think about it. I I'm helping to raise a fifteen year old are stepson. And he spends a lot of time on the screen like ours day, playing games on his computer. And if we get off the computer pull out the phone. But you know, it's hard for me to criticize what I'm standing right next to plan Pokemon, go on my phone. Recently. I got rid of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, deactivate, all the cats. So I don't have on my phone. I noticed that was a lot of screen time on my phone was spent doing those activities. But instead of looking up and smell in the fresh air and nosing the world around me, I just found a game. So I could at least it makes me walk around. They're really dictate, but I think that that's, you know, I don't I don't know if the devil lives in our phones, but I do it's pretty clear that what Silicon Valley has gotten very good at is creating content. Whether it's social media or games that draws us in engages us and keeps us coming back from. All right. They're very good at that. Is that a bad thing? It's good for their business is good for us. Eight ask the phone number. Let's talk high tech, Leo LaPorte. The tech guy. Eighty eight ask Leo I have to say, you know, those of us who play Pokemon go. At least have to go outside and walk. According to Niane -tic, the folks who make Pokemon go in the first six months of poke mongo players walked eight point seven billion kilometers. But how many people were just sitting in the passenger seat of car? You're no, no. Yeah. You have to you have to drive very slowly though. Right. If you go over ten miles an hour, you doesn't count. So I think that they discouraged that you know, they want you to walk..

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