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Joe news time is just about five thirty good morning to you. I'm Kim McAllister in four Brett burkhart. A new bombshell report suggests President Trump pulled his one time fixer the light of congress bringing up the specter of obstruction of Justice by the president. Bob Costantini now with details. President Trump told Michael Cohen to lie to congress about efforts to build a Trump Tower in Moscow BuzzFeed reports overnight lying to congress is a federal crime. And the implication is that the president obstructed Justice by getting coined ally. Coen pled guilty to one count of lying under oath in November and is cooperating with Robert Muller's investigation. Buzzfeed reports based on two unnamed sources Muller's team has evidence to back up Coen's allegation. Mr. Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani responds. If you believe Cohen, I can get you a great deal on the Brooklyn Bridge. Bob Costantini, the White House. Washington will be the site of a national women's March Saturday mornings one of dozens of large women's marches taking place across the country. Correspondent Steve Kastenbaum. Reporting some cities will be competing demonstrations. There will be out the national organization faced allegations it fostered anti-semitism a large rally and March is happening on Manhattan's Upper West side. Tomorrow bitch, really is the Europe women Catherine's to me I'll go is founder of the women's March alliance. She sees the changing face of congress as the result of women's marches across the US one in five in congress. Forty five of them being women of color, but competing rally is taking place further downtown put on by a group affiliated with the national organization women's March Inc. Semi thinks the national group has become divisive. Not a group that wants to be inclusive in recent weeks, the leaders of women's March Inc. Have been defending themselves against claims that they fostered anti-semitism within the group. Steve Kastenbaum, New York. Tesla going through another transition K G O eight tenths Jason Middleton with more on that. And a check on pre market trading on Wall Street were looking at slight gains have before the bell. We close. Today in positive territory, it will be four straight weeks of gains. And that might be good enough to stave off the talk of recession at least for a while. Tesla will report a slight profit from the last quarter. But that's the slightly. Good news. Tesla is also cutting its fulltime headcount by seven percent now that the federal government subsidy for electric cars has been cut. Tesla has had to cut prices on its cars, and and it's customer referral program. They gave free charging for.

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