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Welcome the Magic Mountain aside the long shift production of Southgate Media Group. You can find us at W._W._W.. Dot South Jimmy Group Dot Music Nick is tyrant by Kevin mccray of in contact dot com royalty free music as long as you give the dude props this episode of Magic Monday is brought to you by tweak audio dot com you know podcast Kashdan totally awesome headphones thirty percent off and free shipping head over tweet audio dot com and in the checkout box type south or you get there through Arlene at south. The Media Group DOT COM. There's episode is also brought to you by where you can find us at support us by typing in the search far dog Kevin Long show on all right. It's that time Luik again time for magic Monday your Kevin Long and and it short we were just going to get to the point. If you've listened to the new media lab with Robert South date. You've probably heard the special episode that we did together kind of out ghosting and. And how you shouldn't do that. That's what I've done with magic Monday. A little bit Kinda goes. Did you guys so for that. I apologize and we're going to get back into it. We're changing some things up starting probably in two weeks 'cause you'll get this. Show you next week or the week that you're hearing it and then we'll start back with our magic Mondays way we're going to do on. You're still going to get a magic item but we're going to do magic card of the week too 'cause we're for selling magic cards on E.. Bagan all kinds of stuff on Ebay but the focus of magic money is magic cards at magic items all that good stuff as you've heard from intro there is. Of Coffee Account now where you can buy coffee you can check it out on the website but I'll just tell you right now. The goal is two hundred dollars so we can get more recording equipment to get our actual play podcast going and yeah all the good stuff that comes with us so keep listening will have good stuff for you and we won't be ghosting you anymore. 'cause I don't how much it sucks win. The shows that I listened to disappear for a month or only cut out one show a month so our goal is to not ghost anymore and that's a goal that we will accomplish so for me myself and I-.

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