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P AP Never miss a moment. It's 1 38 traffic and weather on the AIDS to Jo Conway in the W. T o P Traffic Center City is still a long, slow right in Maryland East bound on route 50 delays beginning near route to the Except for Arnold most of the way toward the Chesapeake Bay Bridge about a 4.5 to 5 Mile backup a long, slow bumper to bumper crawl to get to the Bay Bridge, with only two lanes going eastbound. Currently report of a crashed somewhere in that back up. Now, this is fresh earlier issued near Bush's frontage road has been cleared. So this is a new when they're looking for now in the back of getting to the Bay Bridge, three lanes westbound. No delay reported currently. 2 70 North bound, often on delays out of abandoned toward Frederick. That should be mostly volume. Same situation on 3 40 both ways between Harpers Ferry, West Virginia and Knoxville, Maryland, is the nice day delays getting across the Potomac in Shenandoah River's intern over the Beltway Prince George's County after Ritchie Marlboro Road. It's the works on blocking the two right lanes. You're getting by two the left in the delay that begins near Central Avenue, Stay left. In Virginia. Earlier, Rex 66 eastbound near Nutley Street's been cleared delays there were easing out West Bend. Delays on the Beltway, often on toward 1 23 are mostly volume through long term work sounds that aren't active on this Labor Day holiday weekend. 95 South down volume delays Heavy, steady Newington most of the way toward Woodbridge, he works in a the Occoquan still blocking the left shoulder, not liking a traveling and easy pass lanes. Air going north were brought to buy cocks business from Internet speed options up to 100 gigs to cloud collaboration tools. Cox Business offers flexible and scalable solutions so Northern Virginia could get back to business. Learn more at cox business dot com. I'm Jo Conway. W T o P traffic NOW to storm team for meteorologists. Brianna Berman solo Plenty of sunshine out there a gorgeous day with picture perfect weather Continuing over the next couple of days, we're.

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