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Girl this. Is Mickey I don't have, any proof but I think that my boyfriend might have cheated on me sometime. This. Summer okay Workers the. Boyfriend's name is Dale he, was the assistant manager at a popular can be in store chain not can. Be Pharmacy, Ashley say best A lot like. Rite, Aid or CVS yes but. It's. The other, way okay so anyways here's what happened yesterday when we called Dale and asked him about this alleged thing. Going on with Vanessa I wanna remind you that while we're on the, phone, with them His girlfriend Nikki is listening but he has no idea Hey, can I speak to Dale Hey man listen. I don't think we've, ever met my name is Jeff and I'm actually a friend, of, Celia who you work with Okay okay so, you listen I came up to? See her, at work a couple of nights ago she, introduced, me, to, Vanessa and I was like what. Is a story with, her you know she's like pretty hot and seal you like Well. She started dating our assistant manager so I think, you'd better run it by him? I yeah, so I got your number of him Celia I, was going to ask if you're, still seeing I do not want to be the. Guy, who, tries to steal somebody else's girl you know Yeah I guess you okay. All right Hey, it's kind of complicated 'cause I, mean? Burnett than, I, not technically dating. Right. I mean But there's something going on. I I, get your manager you probably can't have people knowing that. Your dating I get it I mean there's not that I kind of, have a girlfriend now I was. I supposed to break over there at the. Beginning, of summer, but then she does this trip. My, birthday couldn't could break. Up with a yeah you know it's all kind, of? Messed up I get. It I get it I get it bro. Why, do we, pick girlfriends in the summer right I made sure it'd be only do their work in a? Store full of. Women yeah okay. So so you in. Vanessa are seeing each other than just not? Publicly She could see wherever she wants I haven't done my. Girlfriend. Yeah, that's, the only thing? Yeah no actually you know what. I'm pretty sure you just did so thanks for cheating on. Me and then lying about it Hello If you want a.

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