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Powerful performances. Fiance stunning celebration of African. Tradition and beauty has old business shortage of famous faces but it's the Kata kids who really stole the show. That is creepy. Even dedicated the Labor of love to his son Sir and to all the sons and daughters who she calls the keys to the kingdom. And closed it out with a moving performance that you won't forget anytime soon. If the academy does not recognize this I'm making a promise here on air? I will bubble wrap beyond say Her in a damn box and ship purtzer France with were, they will recognize her greatness. Okay because we do not deserve her. was unbelievable the visuals to the costuming to the story all of it came together. It was so impactful and I honestly believe that went beyond say put this out. She honestly was like I'm going to show them because I was snubbed for that. Oscar last year homecoming didn't get the recognition and deserve. So I'm gonNA come back with something bigger something batter and make it more global. This is crazy. This is. Real Yeah Scott. What did you think about it? I've never seen so many different shots. So many different locations I'm GonNa back you up Justin one hundred percent this Oscar worthy. Yes. Coming out on the streaming service but if there's ever a time and a year to give an Oscar for something, it's releasing a streaming on Oldfield's right now big released on streaming services. So this is Time to Sean thought it was ridiculous on this. I would love to get the data from old tattoo on us around the world and the next three months. See How many lyrics? Bodies. That is a good point I mean to be completely honest with both of you unhappy happy. I made the show because I made the mistake of starting to watch it before I had to get ready I literally just kept extending the time and I still have forty five minutes to get through. It just has you hooked I. mean the Color Schemes, the costumes as you said Justin I mean that's just fall of it was just so mind blowing and one thing that I was really surprised by she shows so much of her family and when Jay Rolls Up, I couldn't Jay rolled up when. I can't I need a minute now it's so crazy. It's so crazy. The other thing that we have to really keep in mind is that beyond say can do anything and we remember last year or two years ago when she signed that sixty million dollars three picture deal with Netflix. Be surprised if she worked out a deal with Disney and Netflix's to show just how much time and effort and creativity took to put this project together and he s moment. Kinda sorta what she did with homecoming and. Where we got to see the whole situation I'm pretty short. Netflix's is going to have this right around that Oscar voting. Time. I would love that I feel like people can't get enough of say they really just want to get inside of her mind as much as possible and as much inside of her family as we can for like any sort of that, she's willing to give us we're going to be holding on for dear life. So I mean. To her seeing fiction sympathize you. Over and over again with you don't say is glorious speaking of the family blue I, the Sunday feel quite because she's just a little girl. What a few months ago now she's A. It's crazy. Honestly like I mean I guess. I. Guess Kids Grow. But it's just wild like I saw that shot of her literally I didn't even get to that part of the video when I was watching it earlier but she literally looks like I mean, how old is she eight? Old and I think Blue Avi has more genetic potential to change the world than the golden charge. She has got everything lined up for her to change the world in the future. Wait to see where it takes US shaves Alaska Air's been. All right. Moving on to a little more of a serious topic you guys K. Mart Braxton who just broke her silence about her suicide attempt earlier this month in a new instagram post Taymor goes off on TV, which airs Braxton family values and her new upcoming reality show. She claims they ignored her cry for help and says, she was overworked underpaid and betrayed aches. We TV hasn't commented on this but told us when I went into the hospital her recovery was their first concern. Okay. Justin you and I. Both have some reality television experience. Do you feel like people don't realize how hard it is for people who are on reality? TV. One hundred percent I tell everyone all the time. It may look like it's a lunch and a glass of wine here and there but it's a lot of hard work and a lot of time put into it and it's not just hard to get into in heart establish yourself. But what happens is once you're on that hamster wheel, it's also hard to get off and this woman has said time and time again that she wanted off that hamster wheel and we couldn't get off it drove her to this moment and I feel really terrible for her because. I don't know what's in that season I. Don't know what happened I don't. Know what could have been? revealed because I feel like we've seen so much of Tamar Braxton, but if she felt. That this was that bad I mean I remember working on Kyle's season Ross lives when Taylor Armstrong's husband committed suicide. Not that it was because of the show but I think it was from some of the pressure from the show of what had happened in his life. So. It just saddens me..

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