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I know i will definitely start interacting more on then that's why i ask you guys to semi pictures that you'd never do you're the one that takes all the pictures on your phone and sends me all the ugly ones look like that in the third one that's a private account that only my friend swallow that i follow i'm not part of that account jared are you part of that not a part of the no one from bachelor nations time keep it a little private understandable because if we yeah right block someone on your vanessa gamal the account but then go to the vote no better you and creep yeah guilty for that out to be some crazy listen listen same here cool so for this very next segment we have the author of confidence creator heather monaghan heather are you there i'm here hey heather so it's it's me dean jared vanessa and i did that last time it's only seen terret inventory understand maybe someone might think jared sound alike anyways heather dean jared vanessa thank you so much for calling in and taking the time to speak with us today how are you i'm great how are you guys doing jacked up on mountain dew so tell us a little bit more about your book and maybe the role that confidence plays in dating nowadays so the book is all about the lowest moment in my life and how i use those moments to discover and find ways to create confidence and how the reader cantu and i think that you know confidence applies to everything doesn't just apply at work or at home you know it really can completely change your situation in regards to dating you know immensely not only from the standpoint that you know when you don't have competence you're not gonna be willing approach someone because you're gonna be far too fearful of what they might think of you to actually being on a date with them one in being yourself because when you're not competent you know you might try to mirror someone you might try to act like somebody else but you're definitely not going to bring your best version of yourself to the table when you're not feeling your most competent so have does this apply to i don't know as i think we have this.

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