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With Boda ran it's not a. Lot of stress on the Edens right now as a matter of Factor moving at, the speed limit nineteen minutes lay to. The Kennedy nineteen out to lake cook road the Kennedy inbound thirty minutes so here to. Downtown in eighteen and from the junction that's. In the local lanes fifteen in the express outbound Kennedy seventeen to Montrose thirty one minutes out. To, O'Hare Eisenhower inbound now forty minutes from route three ninety and twenty seven on the drive in from Mannheim Twenty-one out to, Mannheim it's thirty four minutes to three ninety the Stevenson inbound you're looking at forty minutes three fifty five to lakeshore, drive thirty in from the. Tri-state thirty two minutes out to three fifty five the Dan Ryan inbound. Heavy thirty to, the burn, interchange twenty four. Minutes from, ninety fifth in outbound on the Ryan no problems fifteen from downtown to. The split Fifty-seven worry free both in and outbound the Bishop. Ford him on the twenty one minutes from eighty ninety four the Dan Ryan. Outbound delays to report their the lake shore drive northbound lanes. Heavy from eighteenth to Jackson southbound from the oaktree curb Chicago avenue is where you're, on the brakes only Tri state tollway northbound heavy from north avenue about moral southbound heavy from the Jane Addams to the Irving park toll plaza on the Jane Addams itself eastbound side is heavy on the ramp to southbound Fifty-three westbound. Delays before Barrington before route fifty nine two crashes on the shoulder there the Reagan Royal clear three fifty. Five northbound slow Butterfield to north avenue southbound heavy approaching north avenue goes crash on the shoulder and yourself, from Roosevelt, to Butterfield with route fifty three southbound on the brakes from the Jane Addams to Higgins ongoing roadwork has the cause of that on I eighty and. The Indiana toll road. Everything is looking okay eighty ninety four. Westbound slow from. Sixty five to Broadway eastbound slow before the state line to met and approaching client is well I sixty five is cleared up nicely. And you do have a crash working in mccook and, it's an injury crash on. East avenue at forty ninth in hinged down northbound route Eighty-three jammed from fifty. Fifth to Ogden because of ongoing roadwork, Clarendon hills traffic so approaching the intersection of cardinals and fifty fifth because. Of a crash get traffic and weather together on the eighth every ten minutes, on News Radio seven eighty five point nine FM WBZ AccuWeather sunshine and some areas of clouds today. With a high of eighty three a shower thunderstorm in a couple, of spots mainly the southern suburbs in northwest Indiana, tonight partly cloudy low near sixty in. Some western suburbs to sixty nine out the lakefront sunshine mixing with clouds and warm tomorrow. High eighty seven same goes for Sunday there. Could be Shower. Thunderstorm, Sunday afternoon across the southern suburbs Zainuddin northwest Indiana the. High Sunday eighty six it's seventy nine at O'Hare eighty two midway Seventy-seven, lakefront and seventy nine in Wheaton heading for Eighty-three with clouds and sun I'm AccuWeather meteorologist John Gresham back on Chicago's weather station News Radio seven eighty one zero five point nine FM on Wall Street stocks off their lows but still way down the Dow. Is down one hundred fifty five points NASDAQ..

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