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The wisconsin supreme court decision to side with professor adams in a vote of decision of four to two that that he must be reinstated to his job and receiving that reaction right out of the gate was was really priceless and some great calls and text on the on the accurate mortgage talk and text line people are are are really really interested in this and i think this is going to be a talker topic that will have many different places to go whether it's the matter of the case whether it's how this all got started whether it's how the decision was made and i think many of those details will continue to emerge throughout the day and throughout the weekend so moving onto the next topic families across the country are cutting the cable and many of you might be out there saying i'm going to do it i'm going to call the cable company i'm gonna cancel my subscription today tomorrow next week and for those of you not familiar with that term this is cancelling your pay for tv service taking back that cable box getting rid of it all the satellite and the cable of the one hundred and twenty million or so households in the united states approximately eighty percent of of those households subscribe to some sort of pay tv service now this is a huge number eighty percent but this is down from eighty four percent in two thousand fourteen and eighty eight percent in two thousand ten according to a recent study now one analyst suggests that there are over nine thousand people canceling their pay for tv service every single day so what's causing this since two thousand since two thousand one net flicks and amazon movies and slaying and hulu have become popular that number of households cutting the cable is is increasing as are the prices for tv pay per pay for cable services so what's going on here the number of of of millennials and the number of young people who aren't even subscribing to cable in the first place is also on the rise so you're not really talking about cutting the cable there's no cable to begin with and and as we mentioned the average cable bill continues to increase every single year and people are jumping ship at the at the rate of thousands and thousands of day so why are they doing this consumers think that the grass is greener without cable and that they can pick and choose the channels and they're gonna save all of this money speaking from personal personal experience i'm still on cable right and and we talk about all the time the fact that we're going to cut the cord we're going to save all this money every time we get that that notification from the cable company that our bill is going up say it's time we're cutting the cord but earlier this week signs that the grass isn't always.

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