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As we celebrate the red sixty four victory in ten innings over the Atlanta Braves at SunTrust park I said going into this weekend the Reds absolutely had to have at the very minimum a split in this four game series man hard earned victory today a show of hands police how many folks in the bottom of the ninth inning fought the Reds were going to win this game after Robert Stevenson throws to first base attempted pick off of Ozzy al bees to base error al basis on third with one out unbelievable how the Reds survived in this game the bowl pan implodes to a point coughing up a three to nothing Reds lead and robbing Sonny gray of what looked like a sure rates victory and what should have been an easy read victory today but the Reds never make it easy nothing ever comes easy for this club but they win six the four and thank you talker Barnhart three run home run at top of the tenth inning in with two outs and nobody on here comes our is TD's Fortino with a critical base here to keep the getting a live in and Jose Iglesias come through with a single and then that's when talker barn heart goes deep into the bowl pan into right center given the Reds a six to three victory and David Hernandez he comes on to pitch the tenth inning for the Reds and Doug gives up a two out home run solo blast by Tyler flowers but then there's Freddie Freeman always dangerous great great player grounding to Joey Votto takes it himself to the bag game over Reds win six the four man heart attacks city migraine nervous breakdown you name it I want to see a show of hands who thought the rich would win this game point and not runners are on second and third in the bottom of the ninth with just one out but give Robert Stevenson some credit here because he strikes out Adam to fall in the gets Brian McCann to ground out to end the ninth well with the tomahawk chop go when up huge week in Atlanta celebrating Hank Aaron with the throwback uniforms in the red saw pullout lose win lose when that's the red season and huge victory today for the Reds and now they get to come home Louise Casteel on the mail tomorrow night seven ten first pitch against Patrick Sandoval a lefty making his major league debut for the Los Angeles angels yet my trout arguably well maybe not even arguably the very best player in all of baseball playing for the Los Angeles angels man should be a great crowd and even though school is getting back in session for some schools really this cell late this week hopefully awesome great crowds come out and celebrate the Reds and yeah they play thirteen of the next sixteen games at great American ball park if they are ever going to make a run now is the time let's go out to the phones on the acute hearing centers dot com hotline the Kelsey Chevrolet extraneous show in we welcome in Erin in hammer's ville hi Erin I'm hanging in there man in the wake of all this tragedy it's invalid this country my adopted hometown of Dayton Ohio last night and got Paso Texas I'm hanging in there the first thing I want to put a month prayers go out to those people yeah we we've got to do something in this country to get to get this under control because it's coming to call home yes certainly is it common to call home and then I want to today location the we now if we if we can make up long during the week for years going clear right there at the end I don't know about that they still got a lot of work to do but this is a formidable starting rotation right now all no doubt about but I just want to check in with you let's come back in about an hour ago and I'll fall here in woodland W. going down our protector all right here in appreciate the call thank you you bet doc Kevin's in Columbus hi Kevin Hey I just like it how did it seem like they were unraveling and you could hear the crowd the tomahawk chop newsletter called mad this looks better in the Braves they're competent team they're leading their division and you know they're winning teammate like last night a they believe they can win and let the red stood back you did not sold in turn around the more I think this is huge like that the play against top teams and we'll see going forward put up with it all I think getting prepared for next year and that well if you were listening to Freddie Benavides the acting manager after the game this this loss would be and if this had been of a long devastating total devastation the way they lost in extra innings last night the right and then so and I think again I think they're headed in the right direction cited well hello this season what will happen you can tell but I'm excited for next season for sure thanks all right Kevin all right Reds win six to four in ten innings over the Atlanta Braves in jest man I I'm still white light in shock over rob what happened late in this game the Reds with a three to nothing lead after seven innings and Sonny gray was just spectacular well then Braves all run in the eighth to win the ninth to tie it in and talker barn heart on leashes a three run Homer in the tenth inning and then Dave Hernandez gives up a solo home run in the bottom of the tenth but the Reds win six runs eight hits one error for the Reds four runs nine hits no wears for the Braves the Reds improve two fifty two and fifty eight on the season Atlanta falls to sixty six and forty seven and with talker born hearts three run home run that is today's recap brought to you by serve all electrical contractors residential commercial industrial serve all Serbs at all in the chicks Therese two window now on Sundays after your former host on Sundays Paul danger junior I believe he was three and twelve so let's keep this train rolling awesome let's do Mike is on a self pay Mike he.

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