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On the Sunday afternoon of the drop down in Saint Petersburg and it was a Tampa Bay rays pitching that came out ahead this afternoon by the score of two to one welcome to the sun wave gas and power Yankees postgame show I'd Ricky Ricardo in for Sweeney Murray as the team's wrap up the what is considered first half of the baseball season with a tremendous pitching matchup here this afternoon between James Paxton for the Yankees and Charlie Morton for the Tampa Bay rays all the scoring came early in the game pitching would take over from there including bull pens on both sides and the Yankees and raise split before game series down in Saint Pete as they now go their separate ways for the all star break many of these guys will be flying at together to Cleveland and others will be heading home for the next four days alright let's get right to it and go to a Susan wall bits clubhouse report brought to you by the New York lottery the newest scratch off games are on sale right now try your luck today and you could bring home away in with the New York lottery Susan a lot of pitching lot of strikeouts on both sides yeah you know what and that's pretty much the story of of that Aaron Boone talking about job Charlie Morton the all star who was not officially all star game but deserves to be there obviously he said we I thought we worked Martin pretty well but we couldn't get anything going against them and then the whole thing came in and to get a great a great did a great job he said we had our chances there was one inning there Ricky where they really did they had for us and and they had the first two guys on and then couldn't get anything out he did talk about Valero witchy Saudi made for him coming in like this and not knowing anybody and all of a sudden being thrown out and second base he thought he did a nice job they wanted to get a look at him I'm thinking that you know to have back ups they know what to either way can do they know what Tyra star can do they want to see what he could do we thought he acquitted himself and you go out of his way to talk about Erin judge and how he handles low calls you said he hasn't gotten wrong up on bad calls all year Anne is handled them better than anybody in this league and that is something today was really noticeable what he did in an hour and I think it had enough and Erin phone never says anything but aren't I mean errands judge never says anything about the local strikes by phone today I think it really had enough until the home plate umpire at one point turned around and said that's enough so you just wanted to talk about that I did talk to James tax and he said I've got something really to build on going into the second half he was really pleased with his four seamer and we are joking up from the both of our how you know we got to do something about that first inning I mean either have an alternate form or something I haven't warm up a little differently because he gets in trouble that is something that pictures go through from time to time they'll get in trouble and they don't get into a rhythm Jill the second inning by John all in all we say Erin thought that packs and fits well in fact I was really pleased with it now Susan at the wrong time comes the all star break for one Brett Gardner is he it's you know it's so great and you know how I really like it when guys who have been written off really start to show that we all love those kinds of stories and I'm sure he'll do you use the break too good too good use you know he he goes in spurts he's always been a peaks and valleys guy but he knows he can do it I like it that when you leave on a really hot streak because you know you can do this now he can relax for four days and come back even more refreshed and and I was thinking about that too you know there's always somebody that just gets hot is hot for two weeks and all of a sudden you stop for four days so but everybody can use this break I think there is a one person in this room that can't use this break did Erin bloom today bring green into that situation may be to get the bad taste out of his mouth from you know yesterday in the walk off home run and make sure he goes into the all star break with a positive frame of mind well he didn't say that but I believe that he did also to see if he can pitch back to back days these this is such a there's always more than emotional things in there they're trying to see now can the pitch back to back days he hasn't done it no in awhile can you do that and obviously there it was so I think a little bit of both right there Ricky well I'm just try council labs of pitching in our everybody will go their separate ways for the all star break Susan have a great break enjoy the four days off we'll see you back a Yankee Stadium on Friday night well injured CNX wait Susan Waldman in our clubhouse report brought to you by the New York lottery I will go to a break we got lots more to go after these two to one Tampa Bay ray win over the Yankees this afternoon this is.

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