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But as you said Victoria kind of an interesting choice because he was wanted It was George Lucas says. I want you in the film you can play make you and choose your old Chewbacca. So who plays Chewbacca? Another big guy's famous The guy who died right just died earlier this year or last year. He was back and all the movies up to Force awakens. I want to say and a new guy, and then they dedicated. I think to him didn't they wanted the final The last movie And the guy who played R two d two noses, aren't you? What's no see three Peel. Little guy was named Anthony Daniels. He died a couple of months ago as well. So the Star Wars people are Peter Mayhew is Chewbacca. Peter, May You OK? All right. Yeah, Yeah, yeah. Saved by the Bell, the reboot creators apologizing for a number of jokes. In the new Syriza about Selena Gomez, his kidney transplant, So you guys gonna have toe go through this one? I grew up on saved by the bell, and they just brought it back for a reboot. And there's now a next generation. They made three separate jokes about Selena Gomez is kidney transplant, and then there's a in one of the scenes written in graffiti behind the students on the wall, it said. As Selena even have a kidney, and I don't know what they're being was with Selena Gomez, who has like 140 million instagram followers. That was not really that smart. It just I don't know. It didn't really make sense why they chose to go after something like that, with all the stupid celebrity scandals out there. This was this was this was a life or death surgery that she had, so I don't get it. But her fans were not having it. They was a threatened to basically blow up this whole show. So they made the show made a donation to her Lupus research Foundation. But still, I mean, it's you know, really. Here's another warning. The check your resume settings before you go to the bathroom lady that lives where Victoria does in Jersey, once said she was disgusted. By LGBT Q Curriculum flushed her career on a school board down the toilet this week by broadcasting her bathroom break on zoom. During a public meeting of the school board, Francisco Jelly eyes that are you brought your Navy gorges? A I guess. Yeah, this woman was not that popular to begin with. And so I don't think anyone is going to miss her. But this was this. This literally ended her career. She took the laptop into the bathroom with her Everyone 140 people saw what she did on the toilet. So that's the end. Who was the last guy? She was on? Mute or what? Yeah. She thought the camera was off and she was on mute. So what one didn't was who was that? They had their ears. Assume gonna take down the guy that was masturbating. Who was that? Jeffrey Toobin. Toobin. That's right to he's gone crazy later. Always later. We're nuts. Oh, my God. Crazy stuff. The number of things If you're interested in bits and pieces of the program, we have our daily DJ be download for your listening and dancing pleasure. A couple of Recent episodes. Actually, we spent a lot of time talking on Thanksgiving about, um, my Thanksgivings and victorious as well. And then we had a moment for Meghan Markle because she lost a child, apparently, and I don't think a lot of people do that. Right s O. We tell that story. The story of Caddyshack. And I I didn't know. I don't know how many of you knew who the movie was so popular. I loved I always loved what's his face? He was such He was so crazy. Um, well, the whole cast was amazing. Yeah, but, you know, I'm talking about Rodney Dangerfield. Red danger. Yeah, he played the well. It was a story that came out of Um, Daniel Daniel. Why am I losing all these names? Okay, I'll tell the story because we don't want E Bill Murray Brother Bill Murray's oldest brother, Ed, What happened was a tragedy. Yeah, Yeah. He was a caddy at ago Local Golf club when they were growing up, And so when Bill Murray wrote Caddyshack, the character Danny, who's the Caddy, he was based on Ed. Yeah, I got it. Okay. Okay. Thank you. And then the another one of our downloads. The, uh you didn't hear this victory. Jennifer. Run! Where your time with this On Friday. Front liners air getting it the English are apparently approving the vaccine. And the Canadians are like today or tomorrow or something so that they get their shots right away. I don't understand why we're waiting until the 10th The everybody knows what's in this stuff. So they're waiting. The FDA here's waiting until the 10th and they've announced their wedding to the 10th. What the hell are they waiting for? All the doctors in front running approval. I guess we'll take but Then they say, it's getting rolled out right away. I don't right Yeah, No, they know it's really mine first, and then I think teachers and all that so well, I'm actually I'm in the second wave. I was told by Dr Ken Anyway, I'll have mined the first tour. Second week of January. So it's Z. And then there's this whole business about how to transport it from. Belle knew. See that United has been hired to bring this stuff over and they have Been given permission to carry a whole bunch of of dry ice, because apparently that could be toxic. Give you so they're just putting. They're just doing their doing an empty plane. Chartered a plane just to bring the vaccine over from Belgium in Newark isn't that makes me really the visor one. It makes me really nervous. It needs to be stored it negative 94 degrees. So like, if you and you can only get it at the hospital because only hospitals have refrigeration like that. But they're trusting ups and FedEx and you know United Airlines to be transporting the virus everywhere, but are the vaccine But what happens if it's like if it sits out a little too long? And then or what happens if you go to the hospital, right? And then what happens if you go to the hospital and you get the vaccine, But the nurse, let's sit. Let's little vial sit. I think we're gonna be so like how we're going to be so careful with this the way that it's been anticipated and Knowing all the precautions. I can't imagine that people are going to try try their best to screw this up. But like you know when, But when you get like we did a story last week about UPS is upping their production of dry ice. It just It just feels like there are a lot of middle men in the transport of this and it feels like there are ebbs. And if you get the vaccine, how do you know it's working? Unless, well, you know you quite well. If you feel sick the next day, you'll know it's working, right? You're gonna feel sick when you get there. That's one of the things the reservations, but I'm convinced As much as lot, my pal Jack Stockwell will not like it. I'm gonna have I'm going to get to that. But then you have to get the second one and then potentially a third booster. Mm hmm. I only heard about you actually will the fighter When I saw the over the weekend, they said you might need a booster after the two shots. So at what point? Are you actually immune? Not till you had at least the second shot. First shot will take months away. Okay? Better than not, though. I mean, what's the deal? I'm just I'm just concerned that it's going to give vulnerable people a false sense of security. And then then we could make the problem. Worse stuff. Well, the thing to do or not to do you one of the things you're going to ask when you get it down to whether or not the type of shot you're getting has mercury in it. They've got to tell you. Some of the shots are gonna have mercury. Kind of like some of the cheap flu shots. You don't want mercury in it. You must not take mercury must not have mercury or how do we know if it's in it?.

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