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Hearing coast to coast AM with George Noory live from somewhere deep below the earth on three major networks we will take your phone calls next hour with sure Hana as we talk about your health and then later on tonight we'll be talking about creatures and cryptids I'm looking forward to that three major events right around the corner Houston as a matter of fact almost less than two months away we're getting really close to that point what we have in Houston timing well tell your time is going by will be in Houston before you know it now will be in all three cities that we're going to this year but for Houston we're gonna be at the hobby center for the performing arts on Saturday June thirteenth if you like some information about the show you can dial seven one three three one five two five two five and then we're gonna go to Asheville North Carolina after Diana Wortham theatre on Saturday August twenty ninth the phone number there is eight two eight two five seven forty five thirty in order to end the year at the historic Everett theatre on Saturday September twenty sixth the information the number there is four to five two five eight six seven six six all the shows are a ton of fun we're gonna have a band we set up microphones for people to talk to the people that are being interviewed we're gonna have some dancing for people George I'll sing a song you have some fun huh but I'm not dancing now we can alleged dance but going to have some fun but these tickets go fast in folks don't wait too long because you can go online at the hobby center dot org and pick up your own seats and come right out of the theater and they're gonna go quickly Tom they sure are and.

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