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I was just about to ask you. Did you go the other with. Yeah she said she wanted a cat. So i jumped on that. It was a little easier than a dog. right now So not not that. We won't get a dog eventually but dogs watching no sense the she watches. She's going to be well. Dad you said. I have it on. You know i've been on a podcast that you said we'd probably get a dog. She'll She'll misconstrue that but Yeah it's Yet every year she tries to get me to to buy like an outfit or something. Like that. And i'm like no way i'm not doing that. Oh come on and yes or cat does have an outfit that she conned me into so for halloween. I think it was just kinda she wanted it. But you know it's four halloween. He can wear from louis. I dunno whatever keeps. What's the it's like a dinosaur head or something. I don't know it. Sounds like halloween halloween. Yeah it's a male cat we don't need so can around here helps support your company Well we we do so locally Some of the larger or some of the stores that we sell locally We both pet shop and colombia Pet more up in austin town we all show. We also sell it in larry's drafter which is in poland. No way i met him he also yeah great place beer. It is A lot of great stuff on draft stuff that you can just. They have food on the weekends and stuff like that. So yeah that's awesome. We got under quite a bit and you just have a beer when it's nice out. Yeah so there and then obviously. We're on amazon chewy as well so we do have an online presence. Okay yeah 'cause it is. It is super important for us to support a local company because to have a company like yours. You're considered one of the is an when i say this understand that this is it's important but you're considered a basic job and those basic jobs. Are the jobs that we do want around here because my job is considered non basak. So like i'm like my job is dependent on. Do good at exactly so having a company like yours in our in our hometown is so significant. Because there's the employee base there's the retail portion of it and you are manufacturing something right here locally which is which is bursted out. Yeah chewy come on like amazon like by. Its blasted out there for others to to order. 'em purchase outside of our local area which is pretty amazing for sure yet. It's kind it's does it up now a company like ours which you know. It's not the biggest company world but large enough but we ship to we manufacturing ship to close to thirty different countries You know just atta lisbon at our facility here so yeah we have a presence outside of the us as well that's awesome. Yeah yeah pretty neat. It's very important. Yeah very drink another beer for that one no stress. Well thank you so much. I love that you came on. I left meal. I feel like it's been a long time especially co bid that we didn't even haven't even bumped into each other so it's awesome. It's great it's perfect. Yeah that's also so everyone.

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