African American Community, Scott, Louis Farrakhan discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


The nation of islam doubts excellent work in the african american community isn't he the leader of that group who are he's the leader of that group and i do not agree with everything that farrakhan have said about us about homosexuals and about the christian church although of late he's kind of change those views but i don't agree with him on a lot of levels but i do understand people's willingness to work with the nation of islam because i've done it myself they do good work in the community so a organization led by very lint anti semite and racist does good work in the community and you work with them i will work with anybody goodwill who is doing affective and positive work in the community fastest and you don't think this is divisive what he's saying you don't think is words a divisive everything you said you don't think his words a dividing the country and dividing groups and individuals when i would think pastor scott that a pastor's job is to bring people together i first of all i going to record get louis farrakhan crap in the christmas turkey get that in your mind how much crap turkey stuffed with around christmas time i don't know him personally but i have a jewish friend that knows him and a jewish friend that paid him he did work for this jewish friend of mine too he did work for the jewish friend of mine to advance a cause the jewish went have any used race baiting to advance the calls so i have a different conception of louis farrakhan because i know some things behind the scenes that he's sales people out for the sake of a dollar i mean he's he's he's a baronet anti semite he's a racist he hates white people and a lot of christian pastors black kristen panthers actually suck up to this guy and i'm not amazed at the fact that all of.

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