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A very special guest this week is L be MAC the third junior defensive in six two out of spring valley New York, Don Bosco as well. Great pedigree coming into the university Rhode Island in you have delivered my friend over the last couple of three years. Now man is it fun to watch you play and you big part of the defensive line and big part of the the. The the defense here at the university of Rhode Island. I l b thanks for being with us and congratulations Bob midway through right of the season here. Little bit more. Congratulations on a great start to the year, so far so yeah. End up after the Browns game the national defensive player of the week. And honorable mention with ten tackles four and a half Tf ELS yet a sack and a forced fumble as well. And that forty eight nothing win over Brown to get the governor's Cup. When you heard the new obviously, you knew you had a big time day knowing you heard the news at you got some national recognition. What do you think? I mean, I just thank God. I because as possible, but also one thing my coaches, my teammates because they really push me every day to go hard and everything I do take this without them knowing this'll be possible yoga. Joke. Negative part of this show is well, you're in charge of the defensive line as well as some other tasks as well as special teams in recruiting talk about what he's meant to us far as development over the last couple of years going into this year as well over the last couple of years coach, Connecticut have been a great help for me. He'd been motivating me every day to to never have a bad play. Now have a bad day in this always go hard and everything I do try to see always pushing me to be my best and tell me the help lead other because he's my potential and stuff coach has been very helpful this whole process very motivational talk about the start of this season before game one year all set to go on the defensive line is set got some depth to it as well. As some some terrific players a front you Janetti and Sinisi Wilson TEZ goes down before game. One. In those great plans all set get a little bit of a step back because Ted Wilson is not available. What was the reaction from the rest of you guys at defensive line position? As far as responding to that, we when we heard when we heard the news about this season. Now, the last I heard because really great a really great player and contributed a lot to the team. But when we have guys working all spring and summer opportunity, the man up there's really no big deal for us. Andre toddler brand. Keith wells have been a great great asset for us this year doing their job and just guys I can really trust on de LA. So with them being my partners become second to none. Keith wells going to plug that hole initially, and then people the last couple of weekends has been fantastic. Right. Yeah. Man, b b be the workloads me pushing me every day in Indian team and everything just to go hard. And all that was really great player. Yeah. Yeah. Talked to coach rescues in. He loves the fact that he can get pressure on the quarterback from the front four. And not have to the blitz at times that it makes sense or whatever. But it's not necessary to get to the quarterback by blitzing. You guys can do the job yourself. Take pride in that. Yes. Of course. Now all the time every day plan on defense line is. It is the best position on the football team. But just knowing that you can you got three other guys up next you at all times. I just want to look at the quarterback all the time. It just makes your job ten times easier. And so you look at your numbers. Right. You number thirty and tackles in in the league. And I think number one or number two as far as defensive lineman on that list. Yeah. I think you to number two in sacks with six of them right now number two and Tf in the CIA with nine and a half that's like two per game. Really? And then number one in force fumbles as well. With a couple there's a number of people with two so far this year. First of all those numbers. I know you improved every year, and you look at your numbers year in and year out, and they get better and better from your freshman year sophomore year to the junior, but did you have expectations of this type of production this early in your state, your I? Well, this whole summer and spring up in working man, I've been really trying to trying to get to the next level and really just trying to. So just so everybody that Rhode Island is not the team that walkover anymore and just with the with the strength program will coach rich, and then the defense with coach, and then just the whole team coach is the greatest part the greatest team that'd be a part of. And all my all everything I expected this year has happened so far but each game and each play. I don't look to to get the moisture look to do my job and just make sure put my team in the best addition to win the play and win the game at the end of the day talking to he'll be Mack who was doing a great job on the defensive line defensive end for and you mentioned L LB that you know, you wanted to kind of let people know that we're alone wasn't gonna be walked over. You guys have picked twelve thousand twelve in the preseason poll this year. And I've talked to some other players, and they said that's a big source of motivation as you guys continue to buy for playoff spot in a championship with a great year. So far does that hit home of you saying, okay, we got something to prove here? So at high school, obviously, come from a very prestigious program, and then coming here is at first it was like coming on the opposite end of the stick. And it's like when I'm walking around campus and people don't even recognize the football players are around the town. No one really ever ask questions about football. Even when we have a full gear on it's like people don't even know about us. And then after my freshman season when we just weren't doing as well me and my class because we we came here it was like one of the best recruiting classes around. So we had a lot of steals. And there's a whole lot of guys that just want to candidate came here to change the face his program. That's exactly what we came here. That's what we're doing. And we're gonna continue to do until we leave this place. But legacies is gonna last forever for you're. So right. They'll be you know, you you you have some success like Rhode Island has this year. Certainly right now number Tony to in the country ranked as high as number fifteen so far this year for for me. You know, the ticket requests come. Zooming in all of a sudden everybody wants to be at meet stadium to see Rhody play. You know? And I'm sitting there saying well, sorry, I can't help you out. You gotta get line or something. But it's exciting to see that main game. And I know the game didn't go your way. But to see that sold out crowd standing-room-only, you couldn't fit another person in Meade stadium without breaking fire laws there. They want to the limit with it that had to make you make you feel pretty good as far as a member of this program. You know, that's amazing to see all the people that want to come out and support us is is a feeling second to none. I look at it as it became let this weekend with the state down to something. Good cabinet in here in happened in a long time. Absolutely. Plus, it'd be part of it is really take partner. Yeah. Main ends up winning on a last second field goal. Thirty eight thirty six and just a fantastic game to watch. I mean, it was so exciting in the crowd. Even though it wasn't a win for an island came away knowing that Rhody can play with anybody in the country. That's for sure. But for you guys tough loss first loss in in the league. In the first FCS loss of the season. Bouncing back getting ready for another top twenty five team in in Stony Brook coming up this weekend they committed number seventeen or at number twenty two at Stony Brook this weekend this week of practice. Yeah. The kind of bounce back a little bit. How did that go from the loss to main back to the practice field? We watched a film on a game on Sunday and corrected on mistakes. And then just put on knows I'm putting a hard hats on and getting ready to go to work day in and day out starting as early as sunrise, and finishing with everything later some can really ask for better preparation for this week. And I'm really excited to see and to be a part of this game on Saturday. So you got Stony Brook in rushing attack to get to the top three rushers in the in the league and as a as a D lineman. You've got to be ready to get to the quarterback in passing situations. You ready to to help out on the run as well. If you've been concentrating more on that end of the game this week getting ready for for Stony Brook. Yes. We know that they they're pretty big up front. Too tight ends Daniels. All American, and, but yeah, the we're really focused on the London this week. What is time to be physical? I mean, really not not doing too much other than what we have been doing already didn't just cleaning up all the little mistakes and stuff and just getting ready now one of the thing about your play. We mentioned your statistics you're at the top of the league and just about every category that makes sense for somebody on that side of the football on the D line. And do you find as you go on in the in the week said teams are preparing for LB MAC in doing some different things from a schematic standpoint on the offensive line to to keep you in check. Yeah. I mean, I'm I'm embracing now I'm starting to realize that now, but it's like when I go ahead before when I'm when I'm doing my one eleven and this ten other guys doing won eleven game planning around me is not going to last for long because my I know my other ten brothers are going to be there to make the play if not before me or right there after me when I make it. That is pretty cool. It's a great great attitude. Hey, we do this thing called know your hometown. With each of the players that come on. We ask them some questions about the town that came from spring valley, New York, right? Yes, sir. One of my questions what the area code is. I guess you're going to get that one right? How come what kind of drive is at the Stony Brook from? Stony Brook from my house spring valley. Probably like two hours Long Island. I'm from spring valley closer to jersey downstate. Yeah, right downstairs, so. Yes. Finally to our jobs. Got some people coming up for this one. You have a whole about probably have like ten tickets on my uncle, actually, mongo, mom, Gotha. He actually graduated from Stony Brook. Oh, great. And then my one of my one of my good good close friends is actually goes to so oh excellent weekend. Great weekend to go. Get a win with all those people around. Right. Absolutely, right. A couple more questions for you here about Stony Brook. What's zip code out there? One zero nine seven seven..

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