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That's all that was all that's all in the past. And so now new things hopefully, people will say because I can't hang onto this that I wrote down every thought I had about myself those hurt my feelings that started some crying 'cause I wrote some really shitty things about myself. These are Bizet different day exercise. Nice made the sex is up. Every shitty thought I have myself, loser pieces, shed, whatever like anything, I think all down. Bay red x. Okay. That's that's what I am. Not when I did this. I just did that one this morning. And quite honestly, it actually looked really cool when I was done. I think that one I said, I think I wrote something I wrote some words on top of it in red. Anyway, I wasn't trying to do in our project. But I just was trying to figure out creative ways that I can anybody the person thought the bullet person came up with the bullet journal is the person's getting the most out of it. They thought of it and it worked for them and other people thought and we'll try to. So what I what I what my habit has to be don't copy the thing copy inspiration. Yeah. You're smart. What give yourself a vocal warm up. Give yourself a program that you can do and also give yourself of prompt to write about how to percents don't look at the one that they give you every day and go I can't fucking. I don't have time to actually does right right down three things that you want to write down read your own list. But but the thing is and then do something. Different the next day. But if you do that over enough time where you some mornings, you someone you don't, but you've been doing it even pieces of it for a year. There's so much good that can come out of that. And there's so much that you can find out and like any exercise you've ever done was just fucking somebody sat around and said, let's make a list of five or maybe it'd be good. If you did this think of a thing that might be good for you to do. I thought I would like to see those things written down. I'd like to look at those words that I'm constantly saying to myself or that, I'm. From other listening to am I listening because it's not it's not that those things that those people were saying about me are who I am. But there who I've been in certain moments and some of them are more, right? I can do a thing if I wrote down of all the positive things somebody. Said about me, I have to put an extra those two because that's also in the past right? I have to just be with now and be inexperienced. So that's working for me tastic like that that to me is is such a really like a lifting idea that feels. Achievable and also really interesting because because the thing in my notebook that I have I can do anything in it. I want they a writing a book on a journal. It's just whatever it is today on that day, and I have, but I did by myself, some some I left I love new I love pencils penalty. So I bought some pencils. And then and then I have a couple of pens, and because sometimes I just draw. And I haven't done that I reminded myself. I was a kid. It was like you still have to draw draw. Stop trying to make something happen. Just draw. What you wanna draw and see what happens and just draw? Okay. So I think in relationships do there, it's romantic platonic, familial, whatever professional whatever the thing is like yours, we you when you've been on the planet for any real amount of time. You know, you pick up these like unconscious habits or responses to triggers that just become. Unconscious. It's like Pavlovian almost like does this, and you react immediately feel anger or love or fear or her millions or frustration or whatever like there's just a tick of something happening, but it full blown triggers the historic unconscious habit. Right, which is to jump right into full reactive nece or or full, even if it's body ravenous or mental reactive this, right?.

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