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Relegated to writing lifestyle or fashion pieces at first glorious career was no different. She frequently tried to suggest political ideas but editor shut her down time and time again then in nineteen, sixty, three, Gloria gained national attention. When show magazine hired her to go undercover at a playboy club to report on the working conditions there Well, they were taking anything. Disaster is job and ISO, and I wrote an expose of of being about about the working conditions and and what started out as a joke actually became. Something that was not so funny even though this was before I was. involving. At the time waitressing at playboy clubs was advertised as glamorous exciting career opportunity for young women. But glorious expose I was a playboy bunny revealed the sexist underpaid overworked nature of the job. Though this legendary article Made Gloria, a household name, she initially struggled to be taken seriously as a reporter after it's release. Despite the challenge glorious strive to build her career and nineteen, sixty eight, she helped found New York magazine. As an editor and political writer at New York magazine Gloria covered campaigns, and social issues like the Women's Liberation Movement. But her involvement in the movement quickly went beyond that of passive reporter in Nineteen, sixty nine she spoke publicly at an event advocating the legalization of abortion in New York. Florida became a sought after Speaker Women's liberation protests and events. She became a spokesperson for the movement and a tireless advocate for women's rights. In one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy feminist activists staged an eleven hour sit in on the magazine ladies home. Journal one hundred women marched into the office and protested the majority male staffs sexist writing and refusal to cover women's rights issues after this landmark event Gloria knew there was a place for a women's Movement magazine she teamed up with fellow journalists. Patricia Carbine, and Letty. Cotton POGREBIN TO CREATE MS magazine in Nineteen Seventy One news was initially an insert into New York magazine but by nineteen seventy, two, it became an entity of its own. Lori would be a writer and editor for the magazine for fifteen years. Gloria toward the country as a speaker led protests and teamed up fellow feminists like Shirley, Chisholm, and Betty for Dan to create the National Women's Political Caucus. The NWPP raises money provides training and gathers volunteers for women, candidates, state, and local levels. Gloria also helped found organizations including the women's Action Alliance the Women's Media Centre voters for choice, and the News Foundation for women. She also helped create take our daughters to. Work Day in the nineties, which was an effort to show variety of career opportunities to young girls. Gloria has written several books including the best selling memoir my life on the road, the book details, Glorious Childhood, and Development as an activist alongside the burgeoning women's liberation. Movement Gloria has received many honors and accolades for her activism in two thousand thirteen President Obama granted Gloria the Presidential Medal of freedom speaking of game changers. As a writer, the speaker, an activist she awakened a vast and often skeptical public to problems like domestic violence. A lack of affordable childcare unfair hiring practices. Because of her work across America around the world more women are afforded the respect and opportunities that they deserve. But she also changed how women thought about themselves in two thousand seventeen rutgers university created the Gloria Steinem endowed chair in media culture and Feminist Studies Gloria Steinem is a prominent and passionate activist for women everywhere who's helped to expand the opportunities available for women and girls across the country. This episode concludes our month all about activists. But Join US tomorrow October first for the beginning of a brand new. Holiday. For more on why we're doing what we're doing check out our newsletter Manica weekly follow us on facebook and Instagram at Encyclopedia. Will Manteca. Follow me directly on twitter at Jenny M Kaplan. Special. Thanks to my favorite sister and co-creator was Catholic. Talk to you tomorrow. I WanNa tell you about another podcast. I. Think. You'll love we hear about Trans People in the news all the time, but we almost never hear trans people telling their own stories. 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