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Of the three involved or not being released pending proper notification of family they were the only people involved in the accident according to sell through highway patrol or two thousand six ford f three fifty pickup truck was eastbound on highway thirty four when it crossed the center line and collided with a westbound two thousand and five international pickup truck before to pick open or the yourself ditch and started on fire the thirty five year old male driver in the thirty year old male passenger were both pronounced dead at the scene the fifty two year old male driver of the international truck suffered lifethreatening injuries he was transported to a western springs hospital where he was later airlifted to assu falls hospital he suffered repre highway patrol continues to investigate the accident fort pierce currently hosting an old fashioned ronda today individuals will muzzleloaders though the black hills will showcase events like black powder shooting primitive archery and niphon tomahawk throwing along with more on the events occur today and tomorrow at fissures lowly park chris maxwell of the fort pierre bicentennial committees those of there is any place in the world that word and should have a rendezvous it's fort pierre that's our history that's where it goes back to you know that's a celebrating on two hundred years psalm were the rodney believes that have happened there since the settling of selling of the of the force there they were on their nets and has continued for the mountain and maxwell says the committee is goal this year was to reach out advice find out what kind of events could take place throughout the summer months to celebrate fort pierce bicentennial in this round was one of them is going to be seven to ten tents that are gonna be set up in in officially park people can visit from ten to four i think they may ask you'd have to put on some some garbriela some 1840 dress i'll that's how they a they live everything is on pre 1840 they do some on black black powder shooting over there and a bunch of other activities and at four they shouted down they can do their activities for the evening and a number of things have a rendezvous primitive camp club member show what life was like in america before 1840 the here's county deputy sheriff will start carrying nor can.

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