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Going to talk. Some college football momentarily. By momentarily. I mean, right this second Welcome back. I'm Jim Rome. We're joined right now by a college football Writer, A national college football writer for CBs sports dot com. He is a friend of the program. He is a well known world renowned Javi errors, enthusiast. He is Dennis Dodd. Dennis, What's going on? And I miss Crystal Cove so much during these uncertain times, But thanks for having me on are you? I'm doing great, Dennis. I would say the same thing. And I don't live that far from there, and I still can't get there. So I know exactly what you're talking about. So let me jump right in Dennis. One thought going into the season was that was going to be really difficult for college football programs to fire their head coach is because of the buyouts and what that would mean when there is reduced revenue due to Cove it yet South Carolina fires will must champ over the weekend despite a massive buyout. What do you make of that decision? And what does that say about how badly they want to get away from him? Yeah. I mean, it just broke the seal on everybody, You know, assuming that Oh, they're gonna be more conservative this year from the a Mulligan year. Which I suggested in the summer that you know something like the virus. Might be working the favor of a guy like Clay Helton at USC or Tom Herman. It wasn't a complete evaluation what we could do, but You know, the song remains the same gym They fired. Um They fired will must chance slightly before a month before early signing period that all that tells you all you need to know it's always about recruiting. It's always about getting ahead to the next guy. And you know, $15 million buyout be damned The fact that it's going to cost South Carolina upwards of 30 million plus to change staff when it's all said and done. Be damned. It's just business as usual. Incredible number, really, Dennis Dodd, even when you know what it is, and you know what the business is 30 Million bucks. So when you talk about it's always about the next guy, Dennis, What about that next guy? For instance, if you had to say right now is Hugh Freeze the next guy there will they be able to look past everything that went down at all, Miss and hire him? Yeah, I think they would. I don't think it would be a question of South Carolina. I mean, if there if you're willing to fire Um Well, much champion eat all that money. You know, you've been given some sort of assurance, or you know, or you're fine with Hugh. Freeze coming, so I don't think that's a problem. I think he's wrestling with it. I think it's really enticing. He's very interested, but he also knows that if he stays another year at Liberty, you know there could be a better job open, and I think he's gone through the car wash enough. You know, you're referring to the N C. A. A Issues of Penn State's and moral foot old mass and some moral failings it on this. I think he's gone through the car wash enough to come out on the other end. A different perception. He's really worried about what Gregg? Thank you will do because you kind of have to get the blessing of the commissioner after NCH sanctions to coach in that league. I don't think purposely. Thank you would stand in the way this time, but I know that you freeze is worried about it. So he's number one in the clubhouse. The clubhouse isn't very big. After that, maybe a guy like billion a beer. It's Louisiana. We're talking to you, Dennis Dodd. Right, Dennis, You've got a piece up on CBS sports dot com. Right now, that's got falling. Headline quote. Hope feels lost at Michigan and 2020 looks to be the end of the road for Jim Harbaugh and quote Michigan's one and three They're coming out that humiliating loss at home to Wisconsin, where they trailed 28 nothing at halftime. How bad was that loss? And how terrible has this season been for Harbaugh and Michigan? Well, that was a new level of low against Michigan that that wasn't losing to your rival. At Ohio State that was getting blown out at home and not showing up. Forget that there's not fans in the stands is not fans in the stands anyway. That's not even an excuse. Michigan should be better than Wisconsin or at least not be down. 22 Nothing your halftime which by the way, is the largest halftime deficit for Michigan in the history of the big house that goes back to 1927 93 years. Then you got a quote. You gotta question the buy in. They want to, and I asked him hardball that question Monday on his zoom call. And you know he didn't answer it directly. He he took off his glasses. Looked into the camera and said, You know, I'm focused. I'm ready. You know, let's just go and but that was a new level of low and it just seems like for all the world Now, after one and three start, we're starts and 67. That there is inevitably going to be a change at Michigan, and then just it just becomes a question of how that happened. I don't think Jim Harbaugh will allow himself to be fired by his alma mater. It's the ultimate Michigan man. I think it will take the form of some sort of mutual agreement or he goes to the NFL or something like that, or without a year, but I don't think it'll be this big, ugly firing, like a will must chance in the middle of the season. I just can't see that happening. Dennis Dodds, my guest. All right. So, Dennis, he This guy was the savior. He is the Oldman, Michigan man. He played quarterback. Terry played quarterback in the NFL. He can't develop quarterbacks. There is no buying from his players. They seemed like they really don't care that much at all. How could this have gone so so wrong for him? What happened to this guy? And that program. If you drop go ahead. I was saying, Dennis, what exactly happened to Harbach? Because he was the savior. He was the Michigan man. He was the guy played quarterback there. He was a guy that had all the answers The big contract all the money. I mean, this was the guy to turn this thing around and it could have gone any worse. Exactly What happened? How did he fail so badly there? Well, he has a coach. He has a shelf life. If you look at his previous jobs, he's kind of a four year guy. You throw that in with the fact that it's now year six. At at Michigan. Yes, He didn't develop quarterbacks, and he came along at a time, Jim. That Ohio State was taking off. You know, it is maybe a case of how schools do each other. I looked it up Michigan since the 1905. Michigan has had won 12 when seas and that was the 97th season. They won the national championship..

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