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Quarterbacks eight hours crispy out there and he's got throwing things at the tv in this segment as he has for the past hour all right so we got our guys here i think is interesting and makes so much sense as a coach you gave your scouts of prototype at each position at each defensive position hey this is what i'm looking for this is the skill set we need to find to let's go through those looking for and why and then of course some of these prospects you're gonna see is when we're talking about inside cares here we'll start but i would show this is a player that i go so far scott the player that i coach here where we're showing shut down now but the real reebus so if i'm looking to corner so i'm gonna show listen i coach this man here's the characteristics you look for the next guy was marcus peter so i take who's the best currently in the nfl and then this is a guy that i want so those type of things now who does that player right now in this draft that could give me the same kind of characteristics i look for inside the landscape booze out there that fits what you'd be looking for so what i look for right now i want that bart scott guy that that guy that is just a old that'll smash the running game that can end up is a hitter in running game as well and provides pash rush cover ability so to me i'm looking at this point smith right here you gotta see gets one on one now we love this lock us all day long running back and we'll beat that like crazy robot spent has that kind of ability you're gonna see here next you're going to see bart scott now he's going to be one on one it gets an up to lyman again i liked by chance could bart against one on one guy he's going to beat his guy and you could see opposed to deal here so that's kind of what i look for another thing that you're gonna see right here is when they're in free air do they punish people when they hit.

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