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How fuller first round pick. He wasn't drafted by the Broncos. So we have we have three first round picks. I'm just doing this off the top of my head, so I may be missing somebody. So von Bradley Chub and now Patrick Ser Tan, or all first round picks on the defensive side. They have paid. Hey. More than insignificant amount of money to Justin to Justine Simons to Kareem Jackson to Kyle Fuller to Bryce Callahan. A paid Shelby Harris a decent chunk of change as an extension. I would say that the Denver Broncos have invested quite a bit in a big Fangio where to sit up there last night and say, I don't really like this group. I think I need more talent. I would kind of Gonna be weird. He should like it. Again. I ask the question. If Vic Fangio is a defense of genius, does he have to have this much talent when there is a glaring hole on the side of football? I get it. Gotta go back and forth. You gotta balance out. Last night was the perfect opportunity. And said no. Another first round pick going the defense of sign. 5 to 2987 to take your thoughts on the Broncos, adding certain what would you like tea for them to do tonight? Couple of you Try Ming in with other things. Because really As fans of a F C West teams. Better not based in Las Vegas. We can all bond in come together over the Raiders making a poor decision in the first round of the draft, so we'll bond over that. When we come.

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