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Going on until six AM I'm that Killian in the Katyuri took off because windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center cool high pressure in the heart of the country even some Chris numbers are night time will temps in the upper thirties north side row forty two downtown tonight mostly cloudy Saturday sixty six add up hill climb this weekend with mid upper seventies for Sunday south winds early next week in our next front comes into the western Gulf Monday was scattered thunderstorms and a high of seventy six I'm Scott Lori more the weather channel in taking a look at our temperatures around town dropping a little bit there fifty eight degrees in Katy fifty seven in spring in fifty nine at the K. T. R. eight top text offenders twenty four hour weather center Katie our rates news time one oh one Facebook says it's canceling a global marketing summit in a statement Facebook media relations chief Anthony Harrison says our priority is the health and safety of our teams so out of an abundance of caution we canceled our global marketing summit due to the evolving public health risk related to coronavirus five thousand attendees had made plans the ten city hotels I am disappointed that Facebook is pandering to fear district three supervisor Aaron Peskin reacting angrily to the cancellation one infectious disease specialist says the billion dollar companies move is proof this is an panic I think this is just a matter of scale Stanford epidemiologist doctor Bonnie Maldonado's says screening a dozen people for corona virus is one thing keeping track of thousands much harder that's just Gary of fox television and Chinese officials say the number of new coronavirus cases is dropping on Sunday authorities reported about two thousand new cases in China down from over twenty six hundred new cases reported the previous day the national health commission also reported one hundred and forty two new deaths from the virus the death toll from the virus is now at one thousand six hundred and sixty eight and most of those deaths are in central China well the sanctuary cities are going to be getting some visits from the feds in the near in time in the near days cities that don't cooperate.

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