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But for example upstairs had somebody food you tom annoy and it was working on undress and we feel that described arres reacted or was activated by sugar right so then came out of the welfare lever say sugar activates grass in color restriction extends the lifespan of all these organisms must be that if i delete rests the east they're going to live longer so this is a biased approach versus what i said earlier which is completely unbiased and sure enough now they live longer they'll it three times longer just by deleting sugar gene so now the taurus is gone is is the protein pathway and the big raspy k is the sugar pat way right delete bottom you get far last minute stench well and then you then step it up and and apply this to a rat population yeah then then you apply to another cal case a mouse population also knowing that the data from from cynthia kenyon gary robertson and others in warms and flies right which was matching so everything's starting to make sense there was all align line so tour was causing aging in all these organism issue activated and if you did protein restriction the organism live longer right and so just brought in restriction so yes so then you do the work in mice and then of course you do the work with nutrition and say well if adding if deleting the protein gene and the sugar gene makes organism live longer what if just removed sugar and protests and then you go in providence to say well do i need to remove all products maybe not maybe just sorta amino acids that contain the in so we remove syrian thrown in bali in three amino acids and show that those were the ones that major wanted to control the tour gene right so yes so then we start a really having a much more sophisticated understanding of all the network the controls aging in yeast and mice but also understanding of the nutrients within food the controls the genes that control aging right and then so then with this population of mice these studies that you were conducting how much longer were they living so the the the mouse work was originally done by under a barky and john capture.

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