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The here don jr had that famous leading a couple of people from the campaign went in the went to the meeting from what we understand president trump wasn't even aware of the meeting so he didn't get involved in any of those kind of details and john so far when you talk about collusion not even paul manafort is being accused of collusion all of the stuff they have indicted him on has to do with his own business dealings before the campaign so they've got nothing there the other guy papadopoulos they have him on lying not collusion they are so they still have yet to find any anything indictable in the way of collusion and yes i think the president is separated from all of it john i think to what they want to do is they want to dig dig dig and get as much as they can this is muller okay his i don't think he is a you know he may be he may have partisan leanings that we don't know about but i i don't think he is trying to take down the president i think muller is trying to glorify himself as a prosecutor in what they do is they keep digging and they try to get scalps that's what prosecutors do to democrats however and the media are going to try to trumpet this because they're going to use it as a way to weaken the president i don't think they're ever going to get him he's not going to be culpable uh he's not going to face any uh the president it's not going to be convicted of any crimes honoring the dnc is going to be accused of any crimes what he's going to be is he's going to be dogged with this for his entire time in office and it's going to distract him from getting anything else done thanks for the call john in luv land colorado with eight three three eight five two four eight six six.

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