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Anyone watch the game last night. Bucks cowboys. I don't know about you, but Dak Prescott and Tom Brady. We're looking awfully good. It got me very excited about football. And then Mark Carmen, I got incredibly scared about. Whoa. Well, our our beer is going to be okay this year. Are they going to be okay? I don't know. I don't know what to make of what's going to happen here. Mark, How are you doing? I'm doing Great Anna and at 1 23 on September the 10th ahead of a Sunday night battle with the Matthew Stafford now led Los Angeles Rams, who many are picking to go to the Super Bowl. It doesn't feel right to Count the bears out in 2021. But logically, this doesn't perhaps seemed like the year they're going to win the Super Bowl. No, But making the playoffs would be nice. It would be a nice showing for us is it just seems like it's been a long period of time and a lot of ups and downs and a lot of downs, and then we get to this point where we're very excited about the up and coming rookie quarterback But I don't know. I don't know. I just want to be optimistic and I'm excited. They're back. I just I want to be optimistic about the season. Do you have reason to be optimistic? Mark Harmon. Well, and I will remind you, Anna, because I think I have to remind everyone I'm actually reminding myself. The Bears did make the playoffs last year. It just didn't feel like they made the playoffs. Right. Exactly. I mean, they they played the same. They were never in the game. They lost 21 to 9. They finished eight and eight. They've been in the playoffs. What now? Three the last four years, So it's just, uh And just don't do anything in the playoffs. Well, how about go to the playoffs and and look and feel as if you're going to advance in the playoffs? Not just sort of limp in and limp out. I mean, that's I don't know. Look, there's something the Tribune today and I think it really kind of it. Just it sums up what All of our listeners were telling us this week. We did this thing and if you heard described the Bears season in three words And I will tell you there are a lot of people who are hopeful. I'm hopeful fields of dreams won the contest. One of the winners finally, our year, lots of optimism. But then I got to say if you really if you really looked at all of the responses, people and they're not all there. I mean, they would want to be there. But we're not. We're not a believer, and maybe it's just it's just more patients we need. Is that what we need mark? I don't know if it's patients. Look, Let's just let the bears their offensive line should not be as good. They're relying on a 39 year old left tackle your most important offensive line position in Jason Peters, who was retired and was on a fishing boat when there Second round draft pick where they traded up to get even though he had back issues at college in Oklahoma State. Um let's emergency find the 39 year old to protect Andy Dalton and eventually Justin Fields, so that's not good and defensively. They're you know, they're they're best cornerback Kyle Fuller is no longer with the team that that was a salary cap casualty. So like they literally have done nothing to make you excited about the team outside of the fact that they traded up and drafted Justin Fields, which Everybody is excited about it should be excited about but we don't know when he's going to play so I don't know what you do with all of that, but it should make hopefully for some very entertaining pre and post game shows with good old Hamp. It'll be that's exactly what I was going to lead to with you and Hampton will be and I love it when they pound the table and I'm going to guess what do you think will be the most pound capable moment throughout the I'm going to put mine out there? Matt Maggie play calling. That's my bet. Go ahead, which I think that's a great call, by the way in very understated that Matt step back from calling the plays last year billings or stepped in fillets or did better than Maggie and then a very small announcement in the off season in April. That Maggie's taking back the play calling duties because he wants to be this offensive guru, so That is the spotlight this year. How do you develop the quarterback and the Bears Just making weird comments about how Justin Field is going to play dependent on how Andy Dalton does. And that's really not how they should be going about this. I think everyone literally but the Bears field that way like, hey, when the guys ready and there is no rush, by the way, let them learn for however long he needs to learn. But when he's ready And you're Make that decision and that decision you should. You should, in theory be able to do because this is the position. You can put it in life. Let the guy play because that's your future period and the story no rush When he's ready, let them out. They're not dependent on if Andy Dalton is doing great things. I totally agree could not agree more. It's when he's ready. Absolutely. But maybe they promised Andy Dalton some, I don't know. I mean, these are delicate things. Maybe that's part of it. No one's promised anything in life well, and he seemed to think so, he says. It's my time when he's given all those interviews, saying, this is my time to believe the offense. Okay, so enough of this other guy. Yeah, Yeah, yeah. Yeah, It's your time when the check gets there, That's all they owe you. Well, that's not bad. If he has to sit on the sidelines and still get paid, whatever it is 10 million, you know, that's great that that doesn't seem like a bad thing in it. I don't right, right. Right. Right. Right. Tell us about Yeah, tell us about the free and proposed that will be is must listen. Radio on W g m with you in Hampton OBE. Yeah, we're super excited. The text chain is is flying very rapidly as the seasons approaching here, but one hour pregame before every game and then right after the game will be on for a two hour post. So we start this Sunday at six o'clock ahead of the Bears and the Rams will be out after the game. Perhaps I do. I am optimistic on this Sunday and just because literally everybody is picking the Rams to win in the public is in general. It's not foolproof, but the public generally is wrong. So, uh, brawler like that gamblers that Yeah. I mean, at least to be competitive. I don't know if they're going to win the game, but I expect the Bears could be in the game. I expect them to cover on Sunday night. Seven. A half points. The blind keeps on moving around here. So Plus is there Is there really a thing as an L. A Rams fan? I don't think l a people do they really follow. That team. I don't I don't get that sense. You know, it's interesting because you know, there used to be in ST Louis. And I do think there are still some Rams fans in ST Louis that claim them, Uh, dog, which to our Midwest? Rather it out there. We love you. And we feel your pain down there even though we want the cardinals to lose every game, But, uh, yeah, I gotta run you. Listen. Okay, Bye. I didn't mean you only one second left, but okay, Bye. For now. We'll be listening to the pre and post game with, um, am an open. Have a good weekend. Mark. Okay, fine. You will be listening. It's bottom of the hours. 1 30. I got to get to the news from the northwestern medicine newsroom. 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