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All right bill monroe with adele mccurry and a few others their nineteen sixty three live at newport and the from a cd call two days at newport that was of course uncle pen right here on wwl we've got anyone to call at this point we we got a correction well actually actually that woman she lynn called in on our show so that's our at eleven twenty five okay anyway we've got about eight minutes left and there's still time to make that pledge to five six two zero zero one would we ever love to have those phones all lit up there again so if you like this music and you want to keep it coming grab your phone and give us a call down here at w rt and and we do want to thank the listeners that have called because we've actually had a bigger showing than we thought we were going to get we're still not at our goal and we might not get it and that's okay but to be actually close in to see that that top of the hill and see that we're gonna see that or the light at the end of the tunnel of reaching our goal it might happen and if it can happen when chris is not here that's going to prove that his listeners are loyal and that that four or five more calls would do it that's it so two five six two thousand one this is the home stretch i think we only have about time about one maybe one more song before we start thinking all of our folks have called already so i can get that ready now but i think we should just say one more time please go to the phone or or go to the web at www dot w o rtfm dot org and consider making a donation online considering a door make a donation over the phone at six zero eight two five six two thousand one we'd love to.

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