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I have spent a good deal of time around him on tv shows both here in bristol connecticut and i did cover his forty nine or team and i have a pretty good feel for this situation and i think for him the process is flawed we've all known as min flawed and there have been many many victims before te'o of the flawed process that took three times four times five times six times to get in shannon sharpe can make a strong case he should have been a first ballot hall of famer hurt him to his soul that he had to go through two three two times two huge disappointment as where shameful it's just hard it just tears you up hard day 'cause you have twenty more passes to i'm asking what could i do 'cause if you didn't like eight fifteen skill it's not like i could add to those numbers so if you didn't like my number that year what makes you think you're gonna like the more in the next year two years later exactly so another thing hundred and ten people in men in this hall of yet and this is the greatest of all the halls to me it's the most hallowed hall because it's a little just so hard to get in there's the baseball hall i have great respect for the basketball hall lot of people get in i think don't blunt seemed like everybody gets in the basketball hall and i don't really know the hockey hall that well but this is the one for me as an nfl fan i put it up on the highest patterson so the point is of those three hundred and ten who are now enshrined more often than not they had to wait to multiple ballot oh yes yes happens carter had to wait six times three times we can go down it's a long list why should terrib any different do you feel like you got done wrong by the sports writers i guess you still do but finally at some point when you get enshrined you just have to give it up limb ask you this i think it also has to do with who the other receiver that's going on the first ballot because they're the two best and their generations they're compared because when you go back and forth jerry's number one okay well who's two in three more times than not is terra lawrence is randy moss random altera lawrence t owners looking at it and i hold on wait a minute i was every bit of the player that randy was any was ready should have been a first ballot hall of famer he is keough should have been i bet hall of famer he wasn't i'm not so sure ever andy had not gotten it on the first ballot mto had gotten in this time iran they had a waiter year i'm not so i wouldn't be surprised if te'o had showed up no.

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