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All right guys is clear east look and ben bailey smith infra simon the markham five life we in the process of avoiding for the fabulous toni collette who is in transit's on the streets of london if you've ever been on the streets of london on friday you you know know that goes for this some good because something is has come in the makes me feel very woman fuzzy in the stomach this is my first email relating back to something i said on another show which makes me feel genuine kind of witter tiny member you know with the with statement member in the obviously you you're you're another person so newish to with thymine and it's just it's just nice to have an email saying did ben and clarisse like being addressed and it's it's from jim in london who i i mean he reminds me i he wanted some vice about getting into the acting game and obviously as i'm on that kind of toni collette kind of level of i gave him some advice he says ben inquiry some months back ben encourage me to keep it despite my mishap ridden acting efforts such as not being chosen a number of additional only to find out that my bedside tables sold on ebay will be starring pike in the film three seconds which comes out in august i'm happy to report that as a result of my pacific further thebenz encouragement and the loss minute actor substitution i've very minor but for me very exciting row in the newly would movie in case of in caissoti which also comes out later this year it was such a late cool up for the role the arrived with completely the wrong outfit costume was coupled together at hook and included loan of the shirt of fellow actor and the shoes of the director cola munis i'm not the quickest actor on the take and so my little scene of discussion whilst walking through a park in both colour and auditing for quite a number of takes checked of distances google maps and i can confirm i quite literally to the show of the back of another actor a move to.

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