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And Weber on the right side. Got it to the net, kicked all the way to the left point by Vasilevskiy. Sherrod keeps it there and puts it down Low. McDonough, the veteran Moves it ahead plus 11 in the playoffs for Ryan McDonald thus far the second best. Here's a turnover to Foley walks right down Main Street and hoist the wrist shot over top of the net. Tampa Bay, throwing it around in their own end a little bit now trying to walk the line is sure it doesn't find a shooting lane gives it to Caufield. He does, and blockers saved by Vasilevskiy pops over the net to fully centers. Nobody home. It'll go all the way back to the neutral zone. Be the most effective shift of the game thus far for Montreal as they go for changes and dumped the puck back in John Ruedas. Former Chicago Blackhawk moves it ahead. Here comes Stamkos with a head of steam on left wing across the line, gives it up and now chases it behind the net as he's pinned to the boards by Petri Cirelli got it back to rude across now, for Hedman, pearls are is shot through not much traffic. That's an easy go up safe for Carey Price. We talked about matchups and grading point, the best center Iceman and the best line for Tampa Bay. The matchup thus far as the breaking point line against the young Nick Suzuki line. He's just 21 both lines of that scoring chance. We just saw breaking point have a real good chance to score saved by Carey Price down on the other end, Pull Caulfield. That's another good shot, and this time Vasilevskiy four to make a safe. Both of these teams. Defensive numbers have gone down in the playoffs, and they have from the regular season a couple of pretty good defensive teams to begin with Canadians in their 33rd Stanley Cup final appearance for Tampa Bay. It's their fourth A soft one by Montreal in their own zone, 15 10 to go in a scoreless first period, hard outlet pass by Edmundson tipped across the neutral zone. Niemi brings it in trying to find Byron.

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