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Congress react after president trump cancels a meeting with Taliban leaders which was set to happen this past weekend boxes going all Scott some considerate risky to negotiate with insurgents but GOP senator Tom Tellus of North Carolina on fox's Sunday morning futures called it a bold move to try and engage in discussions in Afghanistan with North Korea Iran he's trying to engage to actually lower the threat not all Republicans agree on this representative Devin newness of California tells fox news he doesn't see a need to talk the bottom line is is then you know if you want to leave it just leave we don't need to have a deal with the Taliban a Taliban spokesman says there was a peace deal with the U. S. but the president's cancellation hurt that credibility colonel Scott fox news president will pay tribute to six police officers to stop the gunman in last month's mass shooting in Dayton Ohio trouble present the officers with the medal of valor today at the White House officers responded confronted the shooter just thirty seconds after he opened fire on the Oregon district in early August nine people were killed twenty seven others were hurt the gunman was killed by police New York City will pause to remember the nine eleven terrorist attacks for the eighteenth anniversary on Wednesday Scott Pringle has a preview the names will be read out loud of the nearly three thousand people killed at the World Trade Center site the Pentagon in on flight ninety three and family members who lost loved ones on that fateful day will take turns reading these names of the nine. eleven memorial in lower Manhattan it's an annual tradition now and take several hours they will pause for six moments of silence two for the terrorist drove the airplanes into the World Trade Center buildings two for when the twin towers collapse and for the attacks on the Pentagon in flight ninety three Scott Pringle newsradio eight ten and one oh three one W. G. Y. state department of health is urging new Yorkers to stop vaping nobody knows exactly what it is this some suggestion that it's like length of vitamin E. it cetera but our health guidance is no one should use vaping products period until we know what it is governor Cuomo says state officials are working with the Wadsworth center to test both cannabis and nicotine containing vape products received from people experiencing serious long related illnesses four people have died across the country from severe respiratory illnesses linked to vaping.

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