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I'm sorry the i like it because he has a secret layer. He has his all of arkansas. Arkansas is america's secret lair like fayetteville. Oh is wayne manor and rate and then little rock is <hes> that's like rosa al ghul strong or something advil is probably full of wayne's. I will give them the middle name weights. That's that's the thing manner you change everything about bruce wayne if you make him bruce wayne robinson robinson right brewer like jimmy just changes firsthand a james jimmy wayne jimmy wayne wayne crockett the third crockett's a good one. That's an entirely how we feel about scooby right contender. There's a lot of air is arizona the highest producer if people seismic candidates if i start in any zone players it really feels like it as long as i leave like rob gronkowski off the list right now no i mean even even grow even arizona's best players are contenders sedley nick foles growly to willie tua tomah right scooby right scooby right who was like a one star no star recruit who had gained where he piled up like you know eighteen tackles. Mike five for lawson singlehandedly destroyed oregon season. Yeah like omar sorry. I just i just i just got passed a note <hes>. We're we're to refer to him. As it's super bowl better than tom brady <hes> nick foles course just quick reminder he has no other nicknames at and and by extension that present arizona's a better school than michigan. Sorry this is just these are notes and being handed is there some sort of ah bonus points being awarded here for like west coast players because they are on when things are sillier. They are on t._v..

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