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Another way to let you go on my father in love with a good break My heart My fabulous valentine in the mornings. 5 48 Friday, January 22nd Good morning. Good morning. That person in Maryland hasn't stepped forward with their money and have a bright Not that I know of. Yeah, you got to, like, Get your team in place. You know what I mean? That's what they always say. So unless you're just a person of little Intelligence and you just go Only carp I want may over hear 800 million whatever dollars. It's me. I was the one You don't want to that. Now we get a team together tax people, lawyers, all that stuff and then I don't know if Maryland's one of these states where you have to come forward and give your name like in California, as I understand it, you have to come forward and give your name and stuff and give to pose for a picture here. I think you do because I've seen pictures of people, but they're basically hiding their face and it's only their eyes. All really so they could take the giant check and put it like right up to their eyes. Pretty much can they were hat I think so. Like him and have his cubs out on for sure. In a math and a mask. Yeah, my cove in masks and I'd wear like my plastic covert massacres down over my mask, You know, And I, uh Let my beard grow for a year like a mountain man. Then I claimed God. I was so bad for the people like I'm sure it's happening and who it's happened to like that Bitcoin guy. He's going through hell with his money. He can't get it. He's resolved himself to saying All right, I'm not gonna get this 200 Million bucks is locked up. I could never get it. Whatever. But how about the people that you know you find the lottery ticket and had to happen to somebody right had happen. Somebody you find it and you realize it was a big lottery ticket winner or something like that. And it's past the 180 days and you can't claim it. You think that's happened next having somebody not regularly, But I'm sure it's happening somebody and it may not have been the $800 million jackpot or something like that. But I'm sure somebody's lost hundreds of thousands of dollars out there if you know about texting at 31 of 43. Somebody's lost some money because they didn't check it. I don't wanna be that person. Yeah, I don't either. If I found an old ticket and it has expired, and I wasn't sure if it was could have been a winning ticket gone don't even want to know I do the same thing and I have lots of tickets that end up sitting around for some reason. I just don't check on a regular basis because I always want to win the big money. I apparently don't care about 50 bucks or something so stupid. Do you buy tickets all like regularly? I'd say I pride buy a lottery ticket, you know? Once a month, maybe, or once every couple of months. So like that, not not in a weekly basis or anything, But if I see something get up like 30 40 million bucks my mind I could use 30 49 months and I hop on that. You know, I might have a problem now they think about it, you know? And so they sit around at the housekeeper there shoved in my wallet. And sometimes I also used the app that the lottery has you can check them. Them, like one of the act didn't work it day. You know what if it just wasn't entirely perfect? So then I go online and physically check him so stupid or using one of the store the gas station, something you put under there and scan it. If it's a winner. I collect my money right away. But if it's a loser some days ago, what if this machine wasn't working? It's a computer would have a guest wrong or something. Identify, finally decided don't need to take it any more than I rip it to shreds. Just in case I messed up. I don't want somebody else winning my money a lot. It's a lot of stuff. That's why have tickets all over the place. There was a story I said the other day, this woman in Canada one like $60 million in their lottery. We've been playing for 20 years. She was playing the same numbers that came to her husband in a dream. Wow. And after 20 years of doing that, it finally paid off for Wow Guide the liquor store the other night where I get my tickets, he told me believe this one or not. He goes, Are you in a place in numbers that you picked? You know, I just two quick fix because why not play your favorite numbers? I go. There's a problem. You play your favorite numbers. You gotta play them every single time. Because the day that you don't claim is the day they come in, and that's that's too much. I can't do that, you know, and he goes. I had a buddy that played his numbers him and his father played the exact same numbers for years, he told his wife one time to go down to the market play those numbers. She didn't and those numbers came in. He's proven your point. Right? Yeah, but I said, is that true? And he goes, Yes. And he was so mad at his wife. I'm like, really for big money. Yep. And I didn't hear about this in the news or something like that. And what happened to his wife? He killed her. I'm gonna step out now, sir, This is getting off the way it is any of this true now I'm asking, you know, that was true. Yeah, that was. Yeah, that was all true. Maybe I was a new guy. The market. I don't see that often that a liquor store Mm. Mm. Wonder what's up with that? But I doubt somebody killed her wife over that, right. You hear about that being the news that a lot of that story know that story's all legit that stories are 100% legit? It was a new guy, the liquor store. So you have a regular liquor store? Well, yeah, for a lottery tickets, Okay. He should He sells three cigars too. And stuff like that or something. Okay, Got you. Well, it's right next to the A. T. M and Albert is you don't talk about Joe. That one. I know exactly the place and the old guys in there all the time. I've never gone in or walk by, but you know exactly the place. Here's.

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