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On track for a big mac milestone on mayport hit thirty thousand yes thirty thousand big macs on which he stocks up what i usually do like i buy six big macs on monday because he might to for each day for monday tuesday wednesday and ate more on thursdays almost every day there's only been eight days out of these forty six years that i've missed and two times because i was traveling and we couldn't find him mcdonald but don has that covered now the mcdonald's manager at mcdonalds i go to he gave me a booklet that lift all at mcdonald's in the united states and canada and all over though that i can always plan my trip to make sure that mcdonald's nearby however just to be sure i do carry big mac in my luggage and stop i'd love to hear don explain that to airport security and finally as the absolute emergency big mac backup under my feet or at least four years old and i'd have no no problem meeting that it's been frozen all that time by now you've been wondering okay i'm sixty four years old i'm six foot two and right now i weigh one hundred ninety four pounds and the fact that he hasn't blimp out is what got don gorski that bit part in the documentary super size me exactly what weighed ten thousand big macs the goal so i guess they're not adding any way to me so my diet apparently it's working for me oh and do wash them all down every day since i've been eighteen i've never met the day drinking coca cola but that's another story for another time don's big mac diet sure stuns those with he must weigh tons but he doesn't win all said from his wisconsin jeez head right down to his sesame seed buns the offbeat i'm jim bohannon celebrating his seventy ninth birthday actor lee majors we'll have six million candles on his cake america in the morning for monday april twenty third produced by tom delack associate producer bill mike i'm john trout this is westwood one news right now today's top stories from des moines's news traffic and severe weather station newsradio ten.

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