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Come back late at night. There's a place on Nineteenth Avenue in San Francisco where I would stop and fill the car or if I, didn't need to I would buy a bag of fritos in a bag of doritos. It's like I deserve this. I've had such a long day and I repeat that. and stopping that behavior. took. Some design took. But it was related to the popcorn and what I learned for me, anyway was for. Creating habits stopping habits are different processes, and so what I learned for me on stopping habits. It's like Nope, it's you just you draw the line and you never get Fritos. You can stop at that gas station. You never can buy. I was at a special party here in I'm in Maui now we live part time here and really dear friend in her nineties. CUT This cormet popcorn. She's No. You don't eat popcorn, but here's one. This is really special. One little kernel in this special ball where other people got the whole ball? And It was. She wasn't looking. I took that piece and put it in my pocket because it's like not even one carnall. There's no way I'm going back to this popcorn. So. change leads to change both good and bad. And so if you change in good ways, it opens you up to other good ways of changing. If I start eating that one kernel of popcorn than maybe next thing, you know I might eat some. fritos there on the table which would lead to other things, so it's really and maybe not everybody has that maybe some people can do moderation and all things when it comes to addictions, but from your sharing about your own story, and the interesting thing about it though is that you have that data of your life and the whole approach around the tiny habits which I which I think we should. Include an elevator pitch four and just make sure we summarize with the audience is with us, but the whole approach tiny habits is that it's not an all or nothing approach. It's not you have to go. In you know all and go into this habit that already say. I'm going to go to the gym three hours a week and this this much about it's actually about taking those golden behaviors and starting small, making them tiny, so they can be incorporated into our life so. Drew. Let me repeatedly the way that you. Stop Habits and the way that you start. Them are different processes as different as the way I plant a tree and the way I pull the tree out of the ground. It will always come back to motivation ability prompt, but the way you use. It is different so even though. You might struggle with an addiction or untangling an unwanted behavior. That might be hard. The process for creating habits using tiny habits is really easy, and it's not all or nothing, and it's playful on. It's fun and IT'S A. In the book..

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