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So here's what it is it is pizza crust made out of cauliflower and has also herbs in it and it's just cheese it sounds like you guys this cheese pizza it was a frozen lakes cooked it up served it it was delicious and it wasn't it was it the crossed was like urbi tasting you couldn't really tastes the cauliflower per se but you also not tastes dead sure it was there but the sauce was st the cheese was great it was just like a wonderful cheese pizza now you could eat the entire pizza for less than five hundred calories nice so i think if you're someone that wants to eat frozen pizza sometimes and don't we all we also in a good alternative i would also feed it to my kids because they would not know that it's cauliflower he would have no idea well and what's fine about that is there are a lot of people who deal with like the gluten free thing or in our case um i always like to trial turn it if pizza crust yeah but a lot of them have allman flour and my daughter has a tree nut allergy so so we're not able to do anything with nuts of i think the cauliflower so fun because then you are free from the nazis it's wonderful and it tastes like again i just went by this because it tasted good said to my husband in on a friday night when we're at home instead of having lake in all the jacks pizza which i also do love why would ethos it was very very tasty though recognise boy all yes and boy louisiana a start they're getting a little gourmet and there are some good ones that are coming by we'll talk about that at another day so elizabeth what is your second recommendation okay my socket who hour two after i just said my daughter has a train at allergy i'm going to recommend something with nuts and at but this is for coffee so she doesn't have it so i don't know if you've tried these little not pods have you heard of these have his own them anywhere okay so um i'm a big fan.

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