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Supports you. And then Chris Wallace says, Don't do that. Can you believe this guy? I was debating two people last night. Biden says he's looking forward to the next debate, which will be town hall style with 15 or 20 voters asking questions. Spiting was asked about possible changes through the rules for that debate. I let the debate Teams make that decision. But next debate's gonna be talking American people one on one answering questions. I'm looking forward to that. As Jonathan Karl reports. The candidates not surprisingly disagree on the need for changes to the rules, including the ability of moderators to cut off microphones. The Biden campaign issued a statement making it clear that they would welcome changes, saying quote Biden will be focused on answering questions from voters there under whatever set of rules the commission develops to try to contain Donald Trump's behavior. The Trump campaign, on the other hand, is making it clear that they do not want any changes, saying quote the commission shouldn't be moving the goal posts. Changing the rules in the middle of the game, the ratings for last night's debate. We're pretty good when you total up all the channels that carried and it comes out to about 73 million viewers, making it the third most watched debate in the last 40 years. The next debate set for Two weeks from tonight. Fired. FBI Director James Comey testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday about the origins of the Russia investigation. German Lindsey Graham wasn't impressed with some of Comey's answers. He has a convenient memory. He remembers for his damning to Trump and when something is helpful to Trump is like Sergeant Schultz was in charge of the FBI. I see nothing. I hear nothing. I know nothing on Fox News. Last night, Gramps of the Democratic Party hired foreign agent Christopher Steele, who enlisted a suspected Russian spy to create a dossier that was a bunch of garbage. And he said the F B. I bought it hook line and sinker to my Democratic colleagues. If the shoe were on the other foot should be burning the place down. Graham says former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page deserves to be compensated based on Comey's testimony that if he knew then what he knows now he would not have signed the warrant application against Page. Graham says he thinks Paige is going to become a rich man. Listen, now looking for two men in connection with the firing of a stray shot that killed a woman in her bedroom and Jackson Heights yesterday. The police need the public's help in finding the killer 43 year old Bertha Arriaga was shot by a stray bullet while she was in her third floor bedroom. The building is on 34th Avenue in Jackson Heights, a really nice tree lined street Chief of Queens North detectives, Julie Merrill said. They're looking for two people simultaneously. As this shot rang out. There were two individuals were going to call them persons of interest that were in front of that location at that time attempting it appears To steal a bicycle. Anyone with information about the bicycle incident should call the police. Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1 805 77 Tips The victim, Bertha Arriaga is the mother of three Children. A 14 year old boy who was the one who found her on the floor as well as an 11 year old child and a six year old. The six year old was sleeping in the same bed as the mother. He slept through the entire thing. Carol D'Auria, 10 10 Wins and Jackson Heights, Queens. 60 degrees clear skies. We're going up to a sunny 72. Now this street sleep apnea with the click of a button visit. Inspire sleep dot com That's inspire sleep dot com. Russ and daughters on the Lower East Side has been through a lot over the years. This isn't even their first pandemic. And one thing the owners know for sure. New York will bounce back John Montagne with more this morning, John Ellie. It hasn't always been smooth sailing for the family food business co owner Nicky Russ Federman tells 10 10 wins Russ and daughters has survived 106 years. Of war, World wars, recessions, depressions, terrorist attacks hurricanes, so we are committed and to getting through. This pandemic as well. And while Cove it has created a climate of uncertainty, she says, and it was very much this, You know, toughest nails immigrant Commitment is just doing whatever you needed to do to survive. And I think that's still very much in our DNA. Nicky Rosas. Federman told me We don't live in this town because it's easy, she says, were usedto having toe have grit, creativity and innovation. To get stuff done. John Montana own 10. 10 Wins News New York City restaurants resumed indoor dining yesterday at 25% capacity. Doug Quinn, the owner of Hudson, Malone's tells us how his first day went. It was nice and everyone was terrific. And we're just, you know, essentially, you're really We're opening a brand new business all of a sudden, So there's a lotta is a lot of unknowns, a lot of curves and a lot of putting fires out finding solutions. It's stressful, but it's also you know its frenetic and it's exhilarating. When you make the people happy, you know that pays off irritable on, Seo says he. For one, we'll keep eating outside one of the weather permits. Then he says city inspectors will make sure the restaurants are following the rules for indoor dining, especially in those Brooklyn and Queens neighborhoods with the Elevated covert 19 positivity. Rates wins news times. 6 11 from Mavis Discount Tire Traffic.

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